TRA Detox Diary – Day 7

Date:  Oct 30, 2012

Wake up at 6am today.  Make the breakfast.

Day 7:  Breakfast.  Egg white, Green Apple, Cherry Tomato, and a bowl of corn flakes.

IMG 1686

The usual cycling routine after the breakfast, is to build up my muscle.  Converting those protein into muscle.  This is the 7 consecutive day of 20KM/day cycling.

Day 7:  Lunch Time.  Have a meeting with a business partner.  Went to East Point.  And look around, and decided to eat Japanese on the safe side.  I ate all the fish, prawns and eggs for protein.  I ate the fried veggietable.  I ate a little of rice and noodles for the carbo.  I ate an apple after my meal.  Of course, there is a green tea ice cream.  But I parked my car very far away and I need to walk about 10-15 minutes to reach office.  It is a workout ya. 

IMG 1689

Day 7:  Night.  My domestic helper cooked a veggie soup for me with 2 small pieces of beef shank.  I love me pear.

IMG 1690

As I am drinking Trim Shake for the protein and carbo.  I looked at this fish, I tell myself that it won’t hurt to eat few small pieces of the fish meat.  So, I did, ate 4 pieces of fish meat.  It was delicious.

IMG 1692

I took some of the veggies too.

IMG 1691

That concludes my Day 7.  Tomorrow is the first TRA class. The class suppose to teach you how to eat.

So far is so good.  My body weight has been controlled and going down.  It has been a quite successful first week where my weight has dropped from the official 89.9KG (unofficial 92KG) to 86.9KG.  Of course you do not expect it to go down 3KG per week as that will require more exercises to burn all the energies.  But I do feel the waist has straighten a bit, and the tummy has flatten a bit.  83 days to go.

IMG 1694

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