Art Boot Camp Diary

Date:  Oct 30, 2012

This week, again, we “steal” one credit from Kay Kay and let Jay Jay attend the Art Boot Camp class.  For 1 hour and 15 minutes, the two brothers are having lots of fun and chit chatting with the teacher.

IMG 1641

This week topic is Halloween week.  So, you get to draw the pumpkin, moon, scary tree, and so on.

IMG 1642

Teacher Tina teaching Kay Kay how to draw a moon.

IMG 1645

OK.  I am going to let go my hand.  You draw the moon.

IMG 1646

OK.  I will draw the moon.

IMG 1647

This is Kay Kay  pumpkin man.

IMG 1651

Wait!  mine is almost ready.

IMG 1653

The color was pretty good.  This is Jay Jay’s drawing this week.

IMG 1655

Next week, I think we will resume the violin class at 10:15am.  So, we have to wait until Mr. Leong take a day off before we can let Jay Jay attend the Art Boot Camp again.  🙂

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