What Have I Bought This Time

Date: Oct 20, 2012

This has just arrived from Taobao.  🙂

IMG 1261

They re-packed all these… And nicely packed into a bigger box.

IMG 1262

Thee are the things I bought…

IMG 1263

As usual, the few bucks T-Shirt… 100% cotton.  My wife bought her “Caven Claie” shirts… I bought her once to try, and she love it… so, this time, bought 5 for her.

IMG 1264

Conrad’s mommy wants these books… each cost I think lesser than S$4.

IMG 1266

I need this when I am on my massage chair… or during night time, when the kids are asleep, this will come very handy…

IMG 1267

Some one broke my tea glass in office.  So, this is the replacement.

IMG 1268

The nicer adapter… for Micro Sim, Nano Sim, etc.

IMG 1270

This is the Nano Sim Card cutter.  The one I ordered from Taobao finally came.

IMG 1272

My tea collection…

IMG 1274

This one smell very nice…

IMG 1275

Another one…

IMG 1276

The Pu-Er … Will try it out…

IMG 1277

For more info how I buy from Taobao… search Google for “Miniliew Taobao”…

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