Jay First Hair Cut by Stylist

All the while, Boon Ching was giving Jay the not so skillful hair cut… and his hair looks ugly most of the time. Ha Ha Ha Ha…

Today, we decided to bring Jay for a hair cut, and it was a total success. I have seen so many failure case where the kid were crying and moving here and there, etc etc. Here are some personal tips and hope that it can give your kids a happy hair cut…

Here are the steps and preparations…

  1. Prepare your kid a week before. Tell him, Daddy, Mommy and him is going for a hair cut. 
  2. Every day remind him about the hair cut. It goes like this… “First, uncle Alvin (the stylist’s name) is going to cut PaPa hair. Then, you watch, how uncle Alvin cut PaPa hair. Then it’s Jay Jay’s turn. Then followed by Mommy.
  3. On the actual day, don’t forget to bring along his favourite movie & iPhone (or iPod Touch).
  4. First, you sit down, and let the stylist cut your hair, keep asking him to come and watch.  So, he will see the whole process. Wash hair, blow hair, cut hair, wash hair, blow hair,  comb hair… etc. Make it like a fun thing to do.
  5. Later, you ask him to sit down and you turn on the Video for him to watch. Ask him to sit quietly there, and watch the movie, (in this case, the baby einstein series). And remind him not to move.
  6. Things you can do is to take camera to start taking pictures. and keep reminding not to move around.
  7. Other things you can do is to keep talking and say “wow… it is a handsome boy, good looking hair cut, … ” make him feel good.
  8. And after 10 minutes, Jay stood there, watch in the mirror, watch the movie, and finally, a handsome hair cut…
  9. When you sent him to school on Monday, don’t forget to tell the teacher in front of him, and praise him very good and have nice hair cut.

I think it is very important to let the kid to understand and see the process before you push him to the chair. So that he is not afraid, and he is well prepare for the hair cut. I think once you got it first time successfully cut his hair. The following times will be very smooth.

Also, forget about the Toy R Us hair saloon, which charge $30-$45 for kid hair cut. Just 
bring him to the one that you always go. For me, ours cost $15 only. And Alvin really did a fantastic job!

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