Overseas Learning Experience (OLE)

Date:  October 21, 2019

Today, is a big day for Jay Jay.  Yes, he will be flying to Brunei for his OLE for SST.


1-2 days before the trip.  He kept checking the check list so not to forget to bring things.


5 days and 4 night, he does not need a big bag.

The teachers wrote it very clearly.  Students must pack their bag themselves.  Well, he and his brother has been trained to packed their own luggage since young.  So, no problem there.

Did you see how he folds his T-shirt?

Let’s ask him to do that again.

I see.  hahahahaha

I see… He used the 3-second (or 2-second) Fold method to fold his T-shirt.

Of course, I still like the traditional method.  More elegant way of folding the T-shirts.

The key is to loosely pack the 5-days attires into this small little luggage.


Seems to have a lot of space left.  Teachers also asking them to bring another pair of shoe just in case the first pair got so wet soaking in the Padi fields.  Ya, seems like they are going into the Padi fields.

So, I let him bring my Sketcher GoWalk shoe.


Looks like going to be a fun trip.

Airplay TV5.jpg

What is the objective of this trip?  I think it is going to be fun!

There are 8 classes of secondary 1 students in SST.  All 8 classes going to different places, 2 classes going to Japan, the rest go Taiwan, Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei.  Very interesting arrangement for this school.  8 classes go different places.

Airplay TV5.jpg

Or dear, no CROCS!

Airplay TV5.jpg

Hahahaha…. the rules…

Airplay TV5.jpg

So, they going to visit the Science school in Brunei too.

Airplay TV5.jpg

Since the meet up time is 6:20am at Airport.  We need to get up slightly early.  I myself have to set the alarm clock just in case.  Of course, I end up waking up before the alarm clock sounds.  And to my surprise, Jay Jay also wake up before the designated time.  He said “His body clock wakes him up.”

Ooi.. Not hot meh?


Let’s have a selfie before we leave home.


Yup.. correct… loose the jacket.


We arrived at the airport 5:45am.  So, can go eat breakfast at MacDonald.  As expected, half of the class are there.  hahahaha

Then, 6:20am, assembly point.


He looks like a 小大人 already.


S01-03 class ready to fly out.


Wait.. take a picture with some parents.


I also want.


Time to say good bye.  Be good ya all of you.  Don’t play so much games.

The 3-amigos.. be good, don’t play so much games.

Remember, I am checking my COD (Call of Duty FPS games) levels too.  If you come back and higher than my levels, then, I know you played too much games there.  Haahahahahaha


Have fun Jay Jay!! See you in 5 days.


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