Star Gazing – Adding GPS & Star Sense

Date:  August 24, 2019

Watching the star has become a hobby.

Yesterday, a few friends dropped by, and Jay was showing them the Jupiter as well as the Saturn.


For diamond lovers, this is Arcturus.  When you see it in the telescope, it is like a huge shiny diamond.


If you zoom out, you should see Arcturus will form the great diamond of Virgo with another 3 stars, such as Spica, Denebola and Car Caroli.


We can see a lot of things with this telescope.  But every time when you turn on the telescope, you need to key in the time, date and do the alignment with the 3 stars.  Some time it can takes some time doing it.

Don’t worry, there are add-on devices which can help you to do it.


First is the SkySync GPS module.  Basically, it tells the telescope where exactly we are.  From that it will reference back to all those astronomy data where all the stars are at that moment.  So, it is thru this GPS module, that you can align your location.


The next addition which I bought it from Amazon Prime, is this Star Sense camera module.  So, what it does is, this small camera will look into the sky, locate the stars.  Then, it maps it onto the GPS location, and align the stars for you.

Yeap, lazy man method.


The Star Sense attached on to the telescope.


Of course, I am not the one to install this.  Jay is the one.


So, our telescope now is complete.  With both Sky Sync and Star Sense.


Star Sense is in action.

Happy Star Gazing.


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