IoT – Drop In Study Room Echo

Date:  July 5, 2019

My new toy.

Amazon Echo Show 5.


Amazon kept improving their IoT assistant.  I got a big one, I got a round one, I got 2x tower one.


All together, all my 5x Echo is helping to make my home IoT sweet.

I used them to control Fan, lights, air-con.  And you can always speak to Alexa to do anything you can imagine off.

I even program my own App on Alexa.  So that the kids can play.  Next time teach you la.


Perhaps the most important feature for these Alexa Echos in the house is… Intercom capability.

At any time, I am in the Study Room, Kay is in his bedroom playing his Nintendo Switch.  Instead of shouting across the room, you simply say, “Alexa, drop in Kid’s bedroom Echo”.  My echo in the study room will connect to the kids’ bedroom Echo and start communicating. “Go to sleep liao, Kay Kay”.  Next thing you see is Kay Kay walk out and keep his Nintendo.  Swee boh?

Now, if you have Alexa with screen/camera capability, you can do Video call.  “Alexa, Drop in Rooftop Echo”… It will connect to the video screen of my wife office space at home.

Of course privacy is a big thing.  So, it comes with a on off button to turn off the camera.  It is really covering up the camera.


That’s a nice feature.  They also have a mute button.  But if you mute it not necessary it will cover the camera.  So this cover camera slide over feature is a big welcome to all Alexa fans.

For security purpose.




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