ExoLens Case for iPhone 7

Date:  May 2, 2017

I had these Zeiss ExoLens for some time.

It is a extra lens for my iPhone 7.  Whenever I need to shoot a Wide Angle or Macro or even Telephoto pictures, I will bring out these lens and attached it to my iPhone 7.


I love these ExoLens because it allows me to do things I cannot do with the normal iPhone 7 camera.  Such as taking Macro photos.


In order to use the ExoLens I will need to attached this piece of adapter on my iPhone 7.

To do so, you can’t dress your iPhone 7 with any covers.  When I bought these ExoLens they have not come out with a iPhone 7 case.  But I scared that my iPhone is not protected by any covers.


So, to solve this problem, I purposely go and buy a iPhone 7 cover and then I cut a corner out so that I can stick the ExoLens adapter on to the camera itself.


OK, you get the idea.  This is what I did.  Although is ugly, but because I can make use of the ExoLens to take better photos, so, I sort of make the compromise.  And non of my friends actually spotted this.  hahahaha


So, after few months owning the ExoLens, they finally came out with the iPhone 7 cover. And I had to get it.  Because the old design (the one I cut away the corner) having the ExoLens adapter cover the LED light.  So, I cannot even uses the Flash light with that adapter covering the LED.


Let’s unbox it.


The case is a bit thick, but it feels all right in my hand.


The back of the case is transparent.  And the big word “ExoLens” is visible there.  And notice that the LED light is visible.  So, I can use the flash light with this.


And it comes with the strap.  So, that I can hold the phone using the strap.


Just like how the Japanese holding the phone.  I love this.  Because I just wrap the strap around my wrist and I can swing my phone here and there.


Let’s screw the ExoLens onto it.  And that is how it looks.


Fit very nicely.


You can see the Wide Angle ExoLens, I can take a lot more angle.


This is the view from the iPhone my son is taking the photo with.


This is I use the ExoLens to take the Photo of him.


Taken with ExoLens wide angle lens.






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