Jay & I can Cook – Hainanese Chicken白斩鸡

Date:  Oct 30, 2016

In the morning, I taught Jay how to cook steamy chicken & BBQ chicken.


At night, let’s have a Hainanese Chicken meal.

So, how to teach a young 10 years old boy how to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice?

Very simple.

(Don’t fall off the chair)

The Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix

Tata…. Buy the Prima Taste ready-to-cook meal sauce kit la!!!!  hahahaha LOL


The whole idea is to expose Jay to various way of cooking.  And soon, he will see every method is the same.


He then will get to see and think for himself and hopefully, he will master the skill of cooking.  hahahahaha


Let’s get started.

This time, we need to use the whole chicken.

We don’t need chicken feet and chicken head.  So, let’s cut them away.  Find the joint and cut or chop.

Many parents still don’t want their kids to handle knife.  Jay is 10 years old now, he is a 小大人, so don’t worry la.


We need  a big pot to hold the chicken.  So, put in 2.5L of water into the pot.


Open and pour out all the secret chicken soup mix into the pot.


Then, you put the whole chicken inside the pot.

OK.  Then, you turn on the Medium fire.  Let it cook.

This is a slight modification from the original instruction.  The original one wants you to boil the water first and then slow cook for approx. 30 minutes.

Since we are using iCook, so, we can basically safely cook from the cold.

So, medium-big fire.  Approx 18-20 minutes, the pot will start boiling.  And the vapour seal will make the pot cover spin smoothly.  This is where you know your chicken has 95% fully cook.

Then, you prepare another pot.  Put in water, and lots of lots of ice.

And then, you take the hot chicken from the hot pot (I will have to do it as Jay will not be able to handle such high heat) and place it into the cold water with ice.

Let it soak there for 15 minutes.  Amazing contraction or shrinking process will take place. The oil will be in tact under the skin and presented as jelly jelly look.  The meat is actually firm up got the chewy chewy taste.


After 15 minutes of ice water bath, the chicken is ready.

Jay!!! Please take the chicken out from the icy water.

There you go.


Chop chop and cut it nicely and arrange it nicely on a new plate.


The meat looks nice.

So, there is still one pack of sesame oil that you need to soak the packaging in the boiling water for few minutes.


Open the package, and pour all the sesame oil sauce onto it.

Add some greens and you are good to go.  Hainanese Chicken.


Chicken Rice

Just now you cook the chicken in the 2.5L of water big pot right?

You will need to take the chicken soup and put it together with the rice, and mix with the garlic oil mix provided.


20 min later, the chicken brown rice cooked.


The sauce

Cut and dice the ginger and green onions.

sprinkle some pinch of salt.

and then, heat up in microwave the sesame oil + normal oil.

Then, pour the boiling oil on top of these saucer.




The whole meal

This is tonight dinner.  Looks really nice.


I am guessing the chicken must be really nice.  15 minutes later, 4 of us finished the whole chicken.  Even Kay Kay likes it.


Look at the texture of the chicken meat.  The cold icy water make it contract and make the oil stay intact inside the meat.




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