Raspberry Pi – Power Block

Date:  May 26, 2016

I have a few Raspberry Pi 3.

It is cheap.  And Robust.


Although you can shut it down by simply “cut off” the power.  But you never know what is the CPU and systems doing when you “cut off” the power.

So, we learned that we always need to “shut down” properly our PC.  So, in my opinion, we must do the same for our Raspberry Pi too.

After searching on web, I found this is the best solution I want.

Introducing the Power Block


You can buy the Power Block circuit board here.  It is US$19.90 and it delivered to Singapore directly.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.25.38 AM.png

The concept is pretty easy.  The power is supply to this micro USB port instead of the usual one.


You plug this into the first 6 pins of the Raspberry GPIO.


Then, you install a simple switch connect to the Switch pins on the Power Block.  And you connect a simple LED onto the LED pins on the Power Block.


Then, you need to download the PowerBlock driver and the install it.  There are excellent tutorial and youtube for doing so on their web site (given above).

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.29.55 AM.png

And let’s see how it get to work!

So, when you turn off the power switch, it actually sent a signal to the driver via pin 17/18.  Raspberry Pi will do a auto-shutdown script and properly shut down the Raspberry Pi.  Once that is done, Raspberry Pi will not have power, and it will tell the Power Block that Raspberry Pi is power off.

Like that you can safely shutdown your Raspberry Pi.

I am getting closer to finish my first ever Retro Gaming machine.  Next is to drill holes onto the IKEA LACK Table.

This is my final Aim.  I will do this together with Jay tonight with Mommy’s (handy woman) help.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.36.24 AM.png

And I want to play this on my gaming table.  Stay tune.




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