Gadget Notes – CorkPops’s Legacy Wine Opener

Date:  Feb 13, 2016

When it comes to wine opener, you can have a slow wine opener, those traditional type with a screw to screw the cork out.

Or you can use this.  I bought this from Mediya’s Wine shop.  

It is advertised as “The Ultimate Wine Opener”.

It is called Cork POPS Legacy.

IMG 1343

It looks like this.  

It comes with cutter to remove the foil.

It has long pin at the middle to poke thru the cork.

And a gas bottle to pump air into the pin and thus into the bottle.

The theory is to pump air inside the bottle to push the cork out.

IMG 1346

The cutter and the needle pin.

IMG 1347

The compress air can.  Pressing it will pump gas into the bottle.

IMG 1350

It is easy to use.

IMG 1344

Yeap, the cork pops out in less than a second.  No need to use any strength.

IMG 1345

Then, you turn anti-clockwise to slowly push the cork out.

IMG 1352

Here is the video how I open the wine using the Legacy.  Cool, right?

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