Finally He Swam Across The Pool

Date:  Jan 18, 2015

From a baby who likes water.

Dunno what happened.

He suddenly very extremely scared of water.

For more than 2 years he has been learning how to swim.

And finally…

IMG 6974

Kay Kay can swim across the pool from 2 meter to the other side.  Hooray!

He has come so far so long to defeat this fear.

IMG 6970

And I am very proud of him.  Kay Kay well done!

IMG 6993

1.  Up till today, we still have no idea what cause the aqua-phobia at the first place.

2.  Once he developed the phobia, it is hard to get rid of.

3.  It needs very long time to conquer the fear.  

4.  One must be patient.  Very patient.

5.  Let the swimming coach do the job.

6.  We are not coach, so, we will not know the correct way to teach the kid.

7.  Eventually, in our son case, 2 plus years, he is recovered from this fear.

8.  Confident can be build.  It takes time only.  It takes a lot of time and patient.

9.  This is parts and puzzle of raising kids.

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