Mega Birthday Party

Date:  Oct 6, 2013

We host a mega BBQ party yesterday.

IMG 9067

It is a joint birthday party since their birthday is so close.

IMG 9068

Riandy is going to be a great badminton player.

IMG 9069

I hope Jay picked up golf fast so he and I can walk the fairway and play golf on Sunday afternoon.  HaHaHaHa.

IMG 9070

There is only 45 adults and 35 kids attending the mega birthday party.  Jay Jay has 18 of his K2 classmates attending the party, and one Pei Tong classmates (excludes those  who already are K2 classmates).  He was so happy to see all the kids together.

Of Kay Kay also have a couple of his classmates who is also Jay’s friends siblings attending the party.

They swim and play in the pool.

IMG 9047

They soccer, and have a great late afternoon fun.


Not to forget the auntie that makes all the fantastic balloon for all the kids.

IMG 9049

Mommies are happily taking photos.

IMG 9050

The BBQ is ready.


We got to thanks Nicole’s daddy and Conrad’s daddy for the very hard work they have done.  The WHOLE TIME.

IMG 9052

Are you HAPPY Jay???  YES!


Where am I at that time?  Oh, I was cooking and blogging my Curry Chicken.  First time cooking it after so many years since Canada days.  I was told to cook 3 pots of this.

IMG 8991

I have to cook 4 pots of bee hoon too.

IMG 9029

Thanks Owen for helping out.

IMG 9044

Let the party begins.


Kids are having fun.  Parents are having fun!


What is Gwen looking at?


She spotted me.


Oh.. she is watching the boys playing Frisbee.

IMG 9054

Meet the organiser of the party.

IMG 9053

For those who loves my salad.  This is the sauce I used.  Can get it from super market.

Honey (get from Dulcat Liang Court) + Sesame sauce for Shabu Shabu + Japanese Soy Sesame Dressing.

No secret sauce.  Just mix them and make it nice.  More peanut taste?  More salty?  More sweet? 

IMG 9051

Like this eat until night time.  


And here we have the two birthday boys.  Jay & Riandy.


Never ending birthday songs.  So many times they sang.


Both will turn 7 after blowing the candles.


See what I mean?  They re-lid the candles and sing song again.  HaHaHa


You know they have lots of fun!  Later got ice cream, goodie bags and so on.

IMG 9056

The weather is great!


Mean while, at the steak station.

IMG 9061

Let’s cook some steak to eat.

IMG 9062

The last BBQ dish.  Pineapple.

IMG 9064

Jay says “Thank You for all the presents.”

IMG 9065

Jay and Riandy will remember today, what a great BBQ birthday party.

Here are some videos…



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