Lego Mindstorms Robot Arms

Date:  Aug 17, 2013

This week, it is a project based project.  Look at the following three photos.  Note that the little blue ball on the track just below the teacher, is moving.  So, Jay Jay has to build a robot arm to grab that ball and place the ball up on the box on left.

IMG 6099

IMG 6100

IMG 6101

Jay build a robot arm, that the fixed claw will stop the ball at the right time, and grab the ball by closing the 2nd claw.  And by controlling the NXT buttons, it can then lift up the ball and make a turn and release the ball on the box.

IMG 6108

This is his robot arm.

IMG 6115

Let’s put the robot arm into action.  He spent almost an hour building and writing the codes.  Usually he spent time to trouble shoot and improve.  Today, is all about how to operate it.  OPPS… the ball jump pout.


I love this course.  This course has actually increase Jay Jay creativity and understanding of how things work.  Actually, I like the ball that is running not he track and how the sensor sense the ball and lift up the bridge and make it go down again.  Potential energy.  haha  OPPS… the ball run away again.


Let’s try again.  Superman, you can do it!

YES!  He grabs the ball, and then, now learn how to operate to bring the ball to the other side.  Wired tangled.

Other students design something different.


OK Jay Jay.  Show me how it works!  And it works perfectly.  Then release.  Good Job Jay Jay!  My young engineer.


Today, he also got a praise from his CMA teacher.  

And during the badminton session, I saw him quite focus in hitting the balls and returning all shots.  Not to mention yesterday great job at the golf course.

IMG 6089

So, I decided to reward him this.  9695 the education spare parts set.  This is all the necessary robot parts.

IMG 6117

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