National Geographic’s Brain Game – My Kids Loves It!

Date:  July 25, 2013

Recently, I watched the Brain Games from National Geographic.  It blew my mind off.  I did not know that I should not trust my brain so much.


So, I let Jay Jay and Kay Kay watch too.  Take note, you need to be there to guide your children and explain the situations.  They may not know, but it is good to teach them.

Look at this opening card tricks.  It has already blow their mind off.  Jay Jay says “I cannot trust my brain again!”  hahahaha


When he continues to watch all the games, he was thrills.  His eyes was staring at the TV.  And I think he could not believe of his eyes.

IMG 4893

One of such example is.  The following two color shades.  Grey colours.  What if these two color is of the SAME color, do you believe it?  If not, use your finger to cover the Center line between the two squares.  Well, did you see both colours are the same?  This is PERCEPTIONS.  hahahaha


Interesting is it not?  hahaha If you like the shows, you can see it below.  🙂  I could not find it on Youtube thou…


National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 1 – Pay Attention

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 2 – Perception

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 3 – Memory

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