Happy Clean Fingers Day!

Date:  May 6, 2013

I like this!


Screen Shot 2013 05 06 at 7 57 34 AM


Let’s celebrate!  Happy Clean Fingers Day!

This is the expensive “Indelible Ink”.

IMG 1384

This is mine!  I have one too.  In fact, we Malaysians are very proud of having it stamped on our finger.

IMG 1352

unfortunately, the only thing that come clean yesterday General Election 2013 for Malaysia is….

This Finger!

IMG 1363

The indelible ink that suppose to stop phantom voters to votes for more than 1 time.

IMG 1381

This is my finger.  Clean.

IMG 1385

My in law.

IMG 1386

My sister in law.

IMG 1387

Some other people.

IMG 1391

Some other people.

IMG 1430

Happy Clean Fingers Day!

IMG 1431

True Malaysians are sad today about the black magic yesterday.  So, don’t be surprise to see why so many people has a black profile picture on their Facebook.  Just a way to express unhappiness.  If you like to, you can join in the fun!  Regardless of you are Malaysian, or Singaporeans or other country nations, this is allowed.  You can safely join in this fun!  But But But, you must understand, the only things that we will look down is those people who is not from Malaysia, get $$$$ from Malaysia dirtiest political party, get instant IC from them, and stand in to vote for Malaysia even though they cannot sing NegaraKu, even though they do not have BCG on their arms, even though they do not even know who is the current PM in Malaysia, and worst of all, they vote more than 1 time because of the big failure of this Indelible ink.  HaHaHaHaHa 可笑可耻!

IMG 1442

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