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Date:  Jan 5, 2013

Your kids may not tell you this, but you can really tell how much they miss their Kindergarden friends.  And they actually appreciate what you have done for them.  Especially on the “stressful” first week of Primary School life.

So, this class of 2012 LWPS had another small gathering again.  At West Coast Park there. 

This time, we do a quick picnic.  Every family bring a few healthy food, tibits, etc.


A surprising hobby, train parrots how to fly.  These people must be tired of flying the “fake birds” (a.k.a Kites), and turn into playing “real birds”.


It is amazing to see the birds really listen to the command and fly here and there.  Are these people from Bird Park?  and these parrots as well?

DSC01195 DSC01196

It’s a very beautiful bird.  A parrot or Macaw.


To the kids, I think our bird is nicest!  The Angry Bird kite.


Our kids enjoys flying kite very much.  It is now that you can come up with many good rules of flying kite.  For example, kids, we need to take good care of the kite, all have to work together to “transport” the kite to the other side to fly it.


And they really work together to carry the big kite and walking around.  


It is thru these way that every one then have a chance to fly the kite.


Ok, let’s try flying the kite one by one.


Yeap every one will get their chance.  Even mommy.  But must line up.


Let’s hold the kite tightly ya!


Good friends flying kites together.


Yes, I know, it is fun!


Birds eye view… Kay, where is your kite?


Up there…

IMG 3452

Mean while, at the competitive section, the kids are kicking the ball hard…


And yes, they actually chasing the ball… to the right…


Now to the left…


So much fun indeed.


Ok, this is new to me.  As you can tell, I am not a soccer person.  So, every time when people take a free kick, there will be a row of defenders blocking the way somewhat.  And they always cover their head and bottom.  Oh… it is to “protect” themselves from being hit by the ball.  I see… so funny looking at kids doing it… 


Now, its time for substitutes… Soccer mom, go in.


Soccer mom really chasing the ball… racing with the kids to the ball


Let’s throw Frisbee.


Or throwing paper aeroplane.  Let it fly.


Or cycling with friends.  There are so much more you can do at the park.  And it was great fun doing it with friends.


It’s getting late, and let’s go and let’s keep all the equipment.


The sun is setting…


The sun sets.  the sky changes into very nice orange red color.


Let’s have dinner at the Seb’s Bistro…

IMG 5903

Boys we have fun together, right?  Let’s do it more time in future.  Great outings.

IMG 5909

As I said, the kids does not know it or they don’t tell you.  They really appreciate all their parents what they have done for them, by letting them see their K2 friends and buddies (i.e. familiar kids face) during weekend.  This is the day and time where they need not to do any enrichment class but to catch up with friends to talk about almost everything.

OK.  Next event will be the water play telematch at Claire’s birthday party 2 weeks later.  It’s going to be fun!

IMG 5168

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