Prawn Fishing

Date:  Dec 27, 2012

Yesterday was indeed a fun day.  After Jay Jay had his morning gathering at the POLW (Pirates of Lost World) at Sentosa, immediately after that, he went prawn fishing with a few friends.  This is the first time ever he had experience prawn fishing.

 We went to Hai Bin Prawn Fishing @ Jurong Bird Park.


It is a nice and cozy place.


Of course, uncle Chester is the wild life expert here.  He is the one most of the time, hook the bait, and unhook the prawns.


OK.  You guys are on.


Three fishermen.


Even Marc is learning how to fish.

IMG 5175

Prawn fishing can be a boring task when there is no prawns eating your bait.  So, you can sleep for a while.


But, when you caught your first prawn, that is when life comes back on.


Wow, Conrad caught another one.  A big one.


Jay Jay also caught one with lots of eggs in it.


Here is Claire.  Holding onto a prawn she just fished.

IMG 5182

Even Boon Ching happy with her catch.

IMG 5184

Wow, another one with big hand and clamps.

IMG 9721

Today, we caught about 19 prawns.  For 2 hours.  Not bad.

IMG 5193

When you are tired, there is always mommy laps you can sit on to.  

IMG 9746

And here come another prawn.

IMG 9754

Some people is just not so lucky.

IMG 9759

Here are some video clips.  Claire holding the prawns in her hand.


Uncle Chester is the best!  He is an expert in unhooking the prawns.  When you go prawn fishing, be sure to have him around.  hahaha


So, this is how many prawns we have in our basket.


Jay Jay caught another one.  And Arghhhhhhhhhh!


We have done with the fishing.  Let’s split it and go home.

IMG 9792

Chester cooked a nice prawn soup.

IMG 5206

I cooked it with tomato sauce for the kids.

IMG 5201

Boon Ching save 3 prawns for New Year 盆菜.

IMG 5202

At first, I don’t think prawn fishing is fun.  But once you caught the first prawn, competitions among kids run.  And when the prawns keeps coming in, more fun indeed.  We also take opportunity to teach our kids that it is not about the number of prawns you caught, it is who you are with that counts.  All these friends will be separate in their own path in the future, but they will sure fine time to be together.  And it is important as a parent that we have to help them to do so.

I recently (2012) have lots of gathering with lots of Primary schoolmates, and Secondary schoolmates.  We have fun, we talk about everything, and some of us have never met for 20 over years.  But the friendly is different than those you made after you graduate from school.  The childhood friendship is unique.  So, as a parent, we should flourish their childhood memories.  And it shall be our duties to make them or try to make them gathered together once a while.


The rest of the photos are available here.

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I love the following quotes.

IMG 5168

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