Teaching Chinese

Date:  Sep 30, 2012

Teaching Jay Jay is getting harder and harder… HaHaHaHa

But we are Chinese, and we must learn Chinese.  So, I have to try harder.

IMG 0506

This week on the Chinese 早报, I selected this passage for him to learn.  It helps when you ask him to write the down those Chinese characters that he does not know.  Of course, he does not need to learn every single words, but those that often used, must know how to read.  Got to have patience.  Also must make it as fun as possible.  For example… On your head (头) and wear a hat, is buy 买.  If you add $10 (十) on top then, you can sell 卖.  HaHaHa…

IMG 0508

Yesterday, while practising the Berries (百力果) homework… I made a slight mistake.  I wrote down the Pin Yin on top of those characters that he does not know.  And he really knows how to read Pin Yin.  I was very proud of his Pin Yin, and I think 甘老师 did a very good job teaching him the Pin Yin.  But if you covered up the Pin Yin, he does not know how to read.  HaHaHaHa… That is wrong!  hahaha

IMG 0509

So, today, I wrote the Pin Yin on the empty space and let him find… So, this is better approach… 

IMG 0510

Also, I found it that if he only learn Chinese in Berries, and not practise at home, that is not enough.  Sorry son, I have to give you extra care and practise just to be sure.  You are Chinese, so, I need you to be like a Chinese.  🙂  hahahaha  to do so, simply revise the 课文 as and when you can.

IMG 0511

Now, he is practising his violin before the class.  🙂  加油!廖新杰!

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