Pokemon Gen 2 – Medal

Date:  Feb 19, 2017

It is a good thing that sgpokemap.com is still working.  Using the filtering, you can filter off those Pokemon that you do not want.

Hey… I found another word that can be Single or Plural.  The word “Jedi” can mean one Jedi or many Jedi.  So, you know why there are a lot of theory about “The Last Jedi”…

So, Pokemon can be Single or Plural too.  (I think).


When you sent your kids to classes, you can go to the near by shopping mall to catch Pokemon.

And I found out what “J-Walk” means.  It means Jurong Lake District 2nd Storey Pedestrian Network.  Just like the “PCN” (Park Connector Network), this means the overhead pedestrian bridge network that connects all the building together.


So, my kids attending class never J-Cube, and I walked from J-Cube to Westgate, to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, to Devan Nair Institute, to IMM, to Big Box, back to Jem and then Jurong East MRT, then, cross the road back to J-Cube.  Not a bad walk.


Like today, you can cover 23K steps.  That is equal to roughly 16.5KM walk.


Sometimes, you can walk until your shoe breaks down and you need to buy another pair of shoe.


With the map, you can catch your favourite Pokemon.


With a car, and kids and an iPad in the car that can load up sgpokemap.com, you can catch almost anything.  Yesterday, after the Robotics class from Liang Court, we covered, the whole Orchard Rd, Suntec, Garden by the Bay, Marina Barrage, Sentosa island, etc.  Today, we covered Chinese garden, Jurong, etc.

A caution, if you drive into Sentosa RWS carpark, you might need to pay $8 for that entrance.  Ouch!

And finally, we have done it.  We have register 70 Pokemon from the Johto region.  Yeah!


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