Kay’s Red Tip Belt

Date:  Feb 25, 2016

Congrats Mr. Kay Kay promote to Red Tip Belt.  Based on this progress, I think he will be getting a black tip by year end.

Taekwondo is something I insist my kids to learn.  Of course they have to be “brainwashed” by hearing the benefits of self-defence.  It is something you need to practice and practice all the time.  And “practice make perfect” is always the key to pass grades in Taekwondo.

Kay Kay got his new red tip belt

Here is Kay Kay changed belt videos.

For Kay Kay, I hope he learned all the necessary self-defence moves to protect himself from bullies if any.  And it is always a good thing to know how to protect yourself.

IMG_0272 (1).jpg
Some Jumping Kick

As for Jay Jay, the coach also acknowledge that he has passed the grading.  So, he got his 2nd Poom (this is kids version of 2nd Dan of black belt for adult).  Congratulations.  Last 2 months was an uneasy months.  Some weeks, we ran 2-3 times training just to fulfil the minimum requirement of 8 sparring sessions and 3 pre-grading. But I am glad it is over.  His poom belt ceremony will be on Mar 13, 2016.

Jay Jay also passed the grading

What is next for Jay Jay after he got his 2nd poom.

So, according to my understanding.

  1. He has 2 years to go thru another 4 chapter assessments (every 6 months 1 chapter) and 32 sparring sessions to get his 3rd Poom at age of 12.  That will be in 2018.
  2. After that, it will takes 3 years to go to 4th poom before 15 years old.  He was born in October month, that means, if he did not miss any chapter assessments and he gone thru all the lessons, before age 15, he will get 4th Poom.
  3. Then, when he is in 15 years old, he can immediately convert his first poom into Black belt (adult) under STF (Singapore Taekwondo Federations)
  4. Then, he needs 1 year to convert 2nd poom into 2nd Dan.  By age 16.
  5. Then, he needs 2 years to convert 3rd poom into 3rd Dan.  By age 18.
  6. By then, he will be in the reservist.  And depending on him, whether he needs to convert 4th poom into 4th Dan by age 21-23.

Seems like a long journey, but I think it is a good thing for the kids.  So, I am guessing, Kay Kay might follow his brother path.  Well you do need to learn martial arts, i.e. taekwondo to be a Jedi.  hahahahaha


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