Pei Tong Primary School – Father & Child Movie Night

Date:  Nov 15, 2013

It is almost the end of school year for Jay Jay.

His school – Pei Tong has organised a year end Father & Child Movie Night.  

The tickets are subsidised and cost only $4 nia for Father & son.

I have to buy an extra ticket for Kay Kay at $9.50.

There are also two Pop Corns and two bottle of Pepsi at $4.80.

No wonder I could not get a seat easily initially.  I was on waiting list.

IMG 1692

Here we got our tickets.

IMG 1696

Got to thanks the school admin Ms. Eileen for selling away my 4th ticket.  I forgot my wife is on business trip this week.  But the event says it all, FATHER & child, so, Mommy not allowed.  Wahahahaha

IMG 1697

While waiting for the show, we stopped by the Ice Skating Rink.  There, we saw a couple of school mates from other class and grades.  I must say, Jay is popular, as they are the first one called out his name when they see him.  

What a cool event.

IMG 1702

Cinema can be cold some times, so, we have to put on the extra jacket.  Kay Kay sure likes it.

IMG 1711

This is the show we are catching.  Justin and the knights of valour.  I think it is quite a nice show.

IMG 1712

But, during half way, Jay Jay suddenly said “PaPa I don’t want to see.”  May be it is too violent?  But during the training, it was nothing.. Jay simply don’t want to watch it.  I told him, this is the show the school picked, and I am sure it is good to watch, so he has to stay throughout the show.  And he did.

As for Kay Kay, you can see his laughter thru out the movie.  He found it very funny.

IMG 1720

What a great outing tonight.  And I think Jay enjoys it after all.

Happy Ending.

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