Mr. Pumpkin 2013 (Halloween Special)

Date:  Oct 26, 2013

Every year we do this.  

The kids remembered their previous version of Mr. Pumpkin.

Mommy specially hand carry these two pumpkin from US.  It costs only less than $2 there.  

IMG 0039

It is more expensive to get it here.  May be $7-$10.

IMG 0140

Let’s get to work!

IMG 0139

Draw the ugly Mr. Pumpkin face on the pumpkin.

IMG 0144

I told you, Kay Kay loves his pumpkin man.

IMG 0149

Mommy, that is the best I can draw.

Why you draw the teeth out?  hahahaha.  And the head line is too low.

IMG 0155


IMG 0157

OK. Guys, this is definitely a WRONG way to cut it.  Why?

You see, Jay Jay’s hand on the chopping board.  If the chopping board suddenly move? hahaha

IMG 0163

Bye Bye No-light Mr. Pumpkin.

IMG 0166

It is done!

IMG 0170

Now, Kay Kay has grown up this year, definitely.  Because he dare to touch the Mr. Pumpkin.

IMG 0176

And both the kids definitely has grown up.  

Because they both dare to take the Mr. Pumpkin up with the candle inside.

(later, Kay Kay cries a bit because the Mr. Pumpkin getting hotter at the bottom.  Wahahahaha)

IMG 0179

Don’t forget to take photos with the Mr. Pumpkin Man.

IMG 0192

Halloween is always an Ang Moh thingy.

The ghost are not as scary as the Chinese Ghost month.

Although we are in Asia, we also have fun celebrating it.

The pumpkin may be a bit expensive here.

But think about the fun of craving it.

Think about the fun of taking photos with it.

Of course, with the candles in it.

It is a sure fun things for kids.  

So, go out and buy one pumpkin and start making your own Mr. Pumpkin.

IMG 0194

Jay Jay loves his Mr. Pumpkin.

IMG 0195

Even my mother in law likes it.  It is beautiful.

IMG 0199

Koko, don’t squeeze me!

It’s a nice picture.

IMG 0205

No need to go out and celebrate Halloween.  1 or 2 pumpkin with 1-2 hours does the job.

Here is a nice family photo you can take.

Wow… I didn’t know my kids’ painting wall can be so nice in the photos. 

IMG 0210

You see, I told you, you can get very nice family photos with Mr. Pumpkins.

IMG 0213

Good night Mr. Pumpkins.  Thanks for brining laughter and fun to my family.

IMG 0216

Mr. Pumpkin A:  Hey B, do you think we are alone here?

Mr. Pumpkin B:  I think we are…

Mr. Pumpkin A:  But why I feel so strange, it is like there are something behind me…

Mr. Pumpkin B:  come to thing about it… I feel cold too…

Mr. Pumpkin A & Mr. Pumpkin B slowly turn their head…


Happy Halloween!

IMG 0217

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