Happy 4th Birthday Kay Kay!

Date:  Aug 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Kay Kay!

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This year, the cake is from Cheryl Shuen.  This year the theme is Sting Ray.  Both my kids love sting rays.  They must have roughly about more than 10 sting ray soft toys.  So, we ask Cheryl Shuen to make a “Sting Ray Cake” this year, with corals and fishes.  As always, she did not disappoint Kay Kay with the sting ray.  Cool. 


As usual, there will be a small eating party at Lorna Whiston.  Where all his classmates gather around and celebrate his birthday.  Actually, all the kids love the cake and goodie bags.  HaHaHaHa.

IMG 3134

We are glad that he made a lot of friends in Lorna Whiston.  As he grow older, he become more vocal, and more chatty, and enjoy his happy childhood.

IMG 3128

It’s birthday song time…

IMG 3138

Wow!  Now, I get to see it.  Take a good look at the string ray skin, it has the poka dots.  hahaha Well done.

IMG 3141

This year, every one gets a Bakugan, a pack of Jack & Jill biscuits and many more in their goodie bags.

IMG 3151

A Bakugan comes with its magnetic card, and a special instructions paper (green) to teach the kids how to play the Bakugan.  HaHaHa.

IMG 6160

Oh, there are sweets too.  Lovely sweets from Japan.

IMG 6159

Oh ya, for the first time ever, I miss his birthday party @ Lorna Whiston.  As I need to fly to Malaysia to attend several Raya Open House lunch and dinners on that day.

So, we bought another cake and celebrate Kay Kay birthday 1 day earlier.  For the first time, his brother Jay Jay also missing from the Lorna Whiston’s birthday party as Jay Jay have to go to school.  🙂  So, a small birthday party at home is held a day before his birthday.

IMG 6183

Happy Birthday Kay Kay!

IMG 6190

I cut I cut let me cut my cake.  He says.

IMG 6210

A birthday party is always a good time to take family photos.

IMG 3084

Come nearer a bit.

IMG 3086

Make a wish.

IMG 3093

Let’s blow the candles.

IMG 3097

Kay Kay likes the birthday wrapper I gave him.  So, he wants his koko to carefully tear off the tape, opening the presents for him.

IMG 6228

Jay Jay gave Kay Kay a Dusty (Character from the new movie Planes).

IMG 3104

I gave him a transformer toy.

IMG 6242

1-2-3 Transform!

IMG 6256

New resolutions for Kay Kay.

1.  We will try to make him like swimming.  I think all kids should learn how to swim.  It is a surviving skill he has to learn.

2.  Hopefully he can promote from the Toddler’s Taekwondo class to the normal class.  

That’s it.  Again, Happy Birthday son!

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