Vacation with Friends

Date: June 9, 2013

We will try to let Jay Jay go vacation with his friends.

Last year, we went to Niseko Village with Claire.

This year, we go to Taiwan with Lukas. Jay is so happy about it, and both of them had great memories of Taiwan.

Jay and Lukas on the boat.

Boat ride at the Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake stone.

Watching the native dancing.

Watching the peacock.

The swing at the hotel.

At the goat farm.

What a nice blue sky.

Let’s do a 那些年 post.

Sit beside the windmill.

Take turns turning the wind mill.

Another 那些年 post.

At the train station.

At the train station.

At Xiao Ding Dang Science Centre.

Playing the water.

Playing the drum.

Light images.

45 degrees incline.

At the small world.

Train ride.

Roller Coaster ride.

Waiting for train.

At LeoFoo.

At the Zoo.

Commenting about the animal.

Dinner together all the time.

At the beach.

Posing at the beach.

At the suspension bridge.

Feeding fish.

Mine train truck.

Close range photograph the train.

See who can run faster on the suspension bridge.


Feeding fish again.

See Saw.

Finally we are on our way home.

It is fun to travel with Jay’s friend and family. We will likely do similar trip every year.

Remember to give your kid a good and memorable childhood. His time spent with other kids will help him grow well.

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