Tyre Exploded

Date:  Aug 29, 2012

How it happened, it’s still a mystery.

IMG 0723

It seems that there is a punctured here.

IMG 0724

But because I don’t like to be at the centre stage of ECP early in the morning around 8:30am and be the culprit to cause the heavy jam, so, I decided to drag my car to Suntec City Rocher exit bus stop there.  I think it must be a 1-2KM dragging.

IMG 0725

Well… a big NO-NO.

IMG 0727

See what I mean?  When you drag, the rim will cut the tyre further.  And then, the whole tyre was gone.

IMG 0732

Even leave a carbon burnt trail there.  So, quickly, I changed the tyre and drive the car to Peugeot Service Centre to double check if I have hurt the rim or disc or not?

Changing tyre on the road is very extremely dangerous too.  So, I have to put my golf bag 10 meter behind the car to signal “Stay Away”.  Within 20 minutes, the spare tyre was up and running.

IMG 0722

Luckily the rim, the disc, the alignment still seems OK.

IMG 0737

So, lesson learned.  When you have a punctured tyre, it is best to stop the car immediately.

When you stop the car, depend on situation, decide to change the tyre.  

If not, your tyre will end up like mine, and I have to change 2 tyres yesterday because of this dragging.

IMG 0741




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