Manuka Honey on the Go!

Date:  June 26, 2012

When you getting older, and when you catch a flu bug, you tends to take much longer to heal.  So, Manuka Honey can be a very good supplement to strengten your imune system.


Now, if you travel very often, I don’t think you want to bring the manuka honey bottle with you.  And it will be troublesome as some custom may want you to discard it from your hand carry.  If that happens, you will lost your daily dosage of Manuka Honey.

Not to worry, I think Eu Yan Sang has come up with a solution.  Introducing the snap pack Manuka Honey.  It is a 15+ Manuka Honey in a snap pack.


It is easy to bring, and every snap pack comes with 9g of 15+ Manuka Honey.


This is an innovative way to bring Manuka Honey with you when you are traveling.  Btw, what is a snap pack?


Snap pack means, you snap the pack….


And eat it this way, by pressing the pack.  I like the design of this snap pack.


So, now you have a solution to bring lots of Manuka Honey on your traveling and stay healthy.

Stay Healthy Always!


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