Bak Zhen Herbal Soup with Chicken 八珍鸡汤 & Bentong Ginger Tea 文东姜茶

(Date: Aug 24, 2022)

Few weeks ago, I met this girl – Summer at SICC club house. We spoke, and found out she is a cancer survivor, with 2 relapses. It happend some 5-6 years ago. She is kind of a extreme sport person, who does parachutes, banji jumps, etc. I can understand that, life is short, so play it hard! So I asked her what she do for living. She then explain, she runs a small business selling things she ate. i.e. Ba Zhen Chicken Soup. Since she is a cancer survivor, she learned while battle with cancer, some food is good fighthing the cancer.

I asked, seems like a women soup. She then says men also can drink. I quickly did some google, and found the following.

So, I explained to her that my golf problem is my knee, I can feel that the knee cap gel is wearing off. She then tell me that her shop also sell collogen may be can help. I also told her since I am doing correct golf hip swing, sometimes I felt tense in my waise. She says she has some other thing can help. She says she will sent me some to try. And guess what, I received all these the other day from her.

The Bak Zhen Herbal Soup with Chicken

Bentong Ginger Tea.

Collagen Jelly, Shabu Twister (??), Chicken Collagen.

So, today, let’s try out two of the things she sent me, and find out is it thumbs up or thumbs down.

Bak Zhen Herbal Soup with Chicken

It comes in a package. Seems like a bowl of soup quantity. It suggest to drink only 1-2 times per week. The cooking method is either you put in a boiling water to warm up for 3-5 min, or open up put in a bowl and cook in the microwave for 2-3 min.

There is an expiry date. Before Jan 25, 2023. Can be found on top of the package. She explains to me that this is something she drank, and some special family formula, and she go and ask people how to “food process” it and package. So, it is done in Malaysia. It is $10 a pack.

Let’s try it then.

OK. After you cut it open and pour it into a bowl. It is a small bowl size of soup with a Chicken leg. OK. just look at the oil. That is chicken fat. hahahahaha. But I like!

Look at the chicken. The chicken is those chicken cooked with high pressure pot, even the bone can be eaten.

I taste this Bak Zhen herbal chicken soup. It does taste like the real herbal soup. But for this, you just need to heat it up and drink. So, it is for those working people who has no time to cook a decent meal.

Will I order more? I think I would. Because it is tasty herbal chicken thick soup. So you can imagine all the chicken essense is inside the soup. The chicken leg, as I said, should be tasteless as it is process under high pressure cooking.

Thumbs Up for this one.

Here are some more info I found from the website. Oh, I just read, 1-2 pack per month for men. hahaha

Bentong Ginger Tea

It is a ginger tea from Bentong. You may also heard of Bentong durians and Bentong Pamelos. Bentong is a place in Perak I think. or Pahang. Near Genting I think. I could be wrong. Lazy to google, just leave it like this.

This one has longer expiry date.

Some instruction here. How to make one good cup of ginger tea.

But perhaps the most important info here is:


Later I will paste the info below. Let’s talk about the Bentong Ginger Tea first.

There are 17 packs? Interesting. May be because the instagram acct is @SummerOrigin17

Look closely, each pack has a famous quote on it.

Here is another quote. Love the idea of having different quotes on each packet.

Open up and put the ginger tea cube into my 95 degree hot water. Let it dissolve.

Look at the ginger tea, it is a thick ginger tea too. Taste nice too. So, I will give a thumb up for this too.

I still have some other things I have not open and try yet, I will try in in coming days. And give an update here.

I have no idea what is this Collagen Jelly, but I will find out soon.

The beauty soup, chicken collagen. these comes in frozen package. So, only can keep 3 months.

Lastly, The Happy Soup, Shabu Twister. Seems like a fish soup.

OK. Enough say. If you think you need to 进补, need to make your body feel good feel warm, you can go to Summer’s web site and see see look look. There are all info there available. Contacts are there too. Happy to see young entrepreneur these days. And Happy keep your body good good!!!

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