Japan 2019 – Day 6 (Kyoto Kinkakuji 金阁寺)

Date: Dec 20, 2019

Here I continue writing my Photo Journal of my vacation so that we can keep some details very detail. Hahahaha

It is day 6 in Japan. After having breakfast, we left Universal Studio hotel.

And we are on the way to Kyoto.

It is about an hour ride.

Kyoto is also quite confusing. In Osaka, if you go onto the escalator, you stand on the right side if you do not want to climb the escalator. But in Kyoto, you stand on the left. Hahaha Interesting.

And we will be staying at this hotel. It is Onsen hotel. So, we can bath the kids again.

We find a restaurant near by to have a quick lunch.

A ramen restaurant.

Food should be ok.

Wow, my ramen.

My wife’s ramen.

This is the Kyoto tower.

Interesting. The way how they write in Chinese. Is this correct way of writing?

Today, we going to have a free and easy time. So, we picked one of the 3 temple to visit. Of course, we visit the gold one. Kinkakuji.

This is my third or fourth time here. 🙂

The sky is great.

The kids have fun on the delicious ice cream.

Here is the nice photos of the 4 kids.

My wife and aunty Lee Hooi also eating ice cream.

This is where I can properly take nice photo. As there is no fun fair games, no running around. Kids just sitting there enjoy the breeze.

Wow, the entrance ticket is actually a charm paper. For the kids one, is “Study Hard” charm. So, I kept those two for the two kids.

This is the Kinkakuji.

Zoom in. The last time I was here, they are renovating it.

Let’s take photo GAO GAO.

Here is one nice photo I took.

Zoom in a little.

Zoom in more.

And boost up all the colors. Make it gold GAO GAO.

Less Gold.


With the blue sky.

Shiny gold.

From the back.

From the other side.

Hi Kay. Have you had good time running around?

From far.

I think the kid is bored. They can’t wait to go to Yodobashi.

Jay with a nice smile.

Jay and Kayden.

Pray a little.

Pray for study hard.

A nice bridge.

Even shooting the trees is nice.

Especially where there are big birds flying in the sky.

Ya, big birds.

OK, we took bus and come back to the Kyoto station. It is time to look for Yodobashi.

Why? So that they can spent 2 hours at the Pokemon arcade machine.

The night time Kyoto tower looks nice too.

Let’s continue to have beer.

And at some nice katsudon.

The kids.

Ya, curry rice.

Pork don.

And we also eat curry rice and pork don too.


It’s Onsen time.

Let’s go.

We didn’t do much thing today. Only visit one temple. And spent most of the time at the Yodobashi and BIC camera.

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