Chinse Ba Guan (拔罐) – Cupping Therapy

Date:  August 24, 2019

Yesterday, I follow a friend go into JB to wax his car.  And beside the car wash @ Bukit Indah, is the massage place.  The car wash and the massage place is the same boss.  That is why, when you do your foot massage, you can see the car been washed and waxed on the TV footage.


This is the location.


So, while waiting for your car being washed and waxed, we did a 2 hours foot massage plus body massage package.  And this package I think is about RM$138 per pax.  And it comes with additional thingy such as ba guan 拔罐 or Gua Sha 刮痧.  I choose the cupping therapy.

If you google the cupping therapy, you wont find anything useful to read.  It will tell you, there is no real use, or benefits.  Well that is just an opinion from the western society.  But if you Baidu it, (Chinese search engine), then, it will tell you that the Cupping Therapy is for circulate your blood and nerve, and make blood flow smoothly in your body and thus make you lesser pain, etc etc.

OK la, enough said, let’s try it.  I even ask the shifu to take some photos.

All I can say is Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch.


She did two rounds for me.  She said, my waist line is extremely lack of circulation, that is why I am feeling tense and pain there.  And my neck and back.


After doing it, I will have beautify mark on my back.  hahaha


As you can see the purplish color.  Means a heaty, and lost of toxin.


After the ba guan – cupping therapy, you will fill your body tireness is gone by half, and the skin still pain until a few days.  If your body is good, these marks will be gone in few days too.  Otherwise it will be there for two weeks bah.


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