Clever Lor 青出于蓝而胜于蓝

Date: July 20, 2019

Yesterday … the sky was clear and the moon was nice. So I took this moon photo.

I also take this photo of my camera which I used to take that white dot – the moon.

Using Photoshop I am able to cut and paste the moon and stick it to the second photo. It blends in nicely.

I felt quite good about it.

So I post it on Facebook.

Jay saw the photo. Ask me what I used to do edit. So he downloaded the Photoshop, asked me how I did it.

This is the first time he used Photoshop.

This is what he comes up with 10min later.

Can you spot the difference?

Look at the LCD screen.

Hahhahahhahha… he also cut and paste another moon and shrunk it and paste it on the LCD screen.

As a father I am glad to see this sort of things from my son. His thinking process is well developed. When he see the photo, and learned that I used Photoshop to do the edit, his immediate response is “I must also do the LCD screen” to make it perfect.

That is what he did precisely.

Well done Jay! For his very first use of Photoshop software.

It is from this sort of thing that you know your son has grown up too.

And whatever you have done, guidance, sent him to all these Robotics and programming classes that shape up his brain of today. You know the pay off when you see it.

Yesterday also mark the special day that he was accepted into the SST Inc of his school.

So he has chosen his path.

Congrats my son for choosing the path you like. Wish you all the best in your future learning from this additional activity. 加油!

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