Learn to Play “Go” – 学围棋

Date:  Jan 21, 2018

This son of mine, Jay reminds me a lot of Kenneth Liew (myself) in the 80’s.  Hahaha Likes to learn a lot of things, a lot of knowledge, but not good or expert in any.  But very broad learning.

He reads a lot of books, watch all 29 seasons of “How’s its made” And I read 十万个为什么 and 三国演义, etc.  We likes to learn new board games too.

So, today, we decided to learn a new board game.

“Go” – 围棋.  I never got the chance to learn Go.  But I knew Chinese Chess and English Chess game well.  I was the school representative for Foon Yew (2) but unfortunately, it was World Cup 1982 in Barcelona, and I wake up too late and miss the competition, got scolded by teacher a week later.  hahaha


I bought this book for both of us to learn.


It teaches all the basic terms and move.  and after reading only 2 chapters we are able to play the games.


For Jay, he even complete the exercise in each chapters.


First day, of course, I am more clever than him.


And my white pieces are gaining power and slowly eating up all his blacks.


And he knew he is going to lost soon.


We did not apply all the rules on first day.  Because we have not learned all the advanced techniques.


So, today, we learned that if you took a piece out.  The opponent can only put in the same location if there is pieces he can eat.  There are situation where, he can take out your piece, and you place at the same place to take out his piece.  In such scenario, one need to wait for a turn in order to do so.

So, as the rules getting more complicated… hmmm…

Jay’s mind excels.

One mistake from me, and he took the entire big portion of land.. hahaha

And it is all gone.

I was wining bit by bit.  But when he took out me there and empty my army, I was losing all the way.


Well done Jay Jay!


I am very proudly to say, we know how to play Go 围棋 now.

Nice Documentary.



Now, you see why we need to learn how to program?  Computer Alpha Go beats the world best Go player.. hahaha






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