P5 Math – Tou Tia (头痛 in Hokkien)

DAte:  August 1, 2017

It’s been 2-3 years I have not been sitting down and trying to help my son in his problem solvings math.  Jay is P5 this year, and I think the standard of math suddenly jumped by don’t know how many levels.  Hahahaha


It all started when his math suddenly dropped from 90’s to 70’s in SA1.  And he started to asked me very often on his math homework.

So, I decided to go and get an assessment book for myself.  Yeap, I bought the book for myself to read.  Trying to see what sort of topics he is learning in P5.  And if I as a parent don’t understand the “recommended” way to solve the questions, how am I able to teach Jay whenever he bring a question to me?  Use Algebra?  That’s a big No-No.

As I browsed through the first few pages, my jaw dropped.

See for yourself.  What kind of questions is this?

I stared at the questions for few minutes, and my mind is blank.

I read the Explanation, and my trying to do it on my own.


So, it happens that there are six ways you can place the cuboids.  So, you must consider all 6 ways placement of the cuboids.  And then, use that to find the Maximum number of cuboids the big box can hold.

My goodness.  This is not an easy questions at all.


Phew, similar.


Then I moved on to the next question.  And I look at the answer.  The recommended way is to draw diagram.  But I can’t even understand the solutions they provided.  I can’t understand the solution and diagram at all.  So, I teach Jay to use the old Guess and Check method.


It works all the time.  But just need to write down a lot of numbers.  To guess and check.


So, I decided to try to finish this book within 1-2 weeks time.  By then, I will be equipped with Math Solving Super Power.  And I hope I can learn together with my son and help him to move along fine in P5.  Hahahahaha


Happy Learning Parents!



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