Kickstarter – Moment Lens 2.0 Vs. Zeiss ExoLens

Date:  July 3, 2017

This is Moment Lens 2.0 from Kickstarter.

It has arrived today.  I supported all three macro, wide & telephoto lens.


I bought the iPhone 7 case.  The Moment lens are easily clipped onto the case.  Unlike the ExoLens, you need to “screw” the lens onto the case.  This one only turn 90 degrees and it clip onto it.


The wooden finishing is nice.  There is a strap holder for you to hold your strap.  And the case is easier to be taken off.  Unlike the Exolens, where it fully cover the bottom part.


The strap comes with Moment Lens is very ugly!

So, I continue using my ExoLens strap.


This is the Moment Macro Lens.  The cover is easy to slot in, but can be difficult to get it out.


For the Wide lens and Tele-photo lens, the cover is bigger to cover the lens, and easy to take out.


OK, it has the lens cover.  But look at the back side, there is no cover.  So, if this part is dirty, what do you do?


Well, that is why you need a Lenspen to clean it.  hahahaha


Unlike Exolens, it comes with a convenient backside lens cover.  Then, you know your lens will not be dirty.  hahaha


Here is the comparison of the sizes.

The Moment v2 Macro lens is some what very big and heavy.  Unlike the Exolens Macro lens, which is very light and small.

The weight of the Wide and Tele-photo lens are about the same.  I can’t feel the different.  But the size of the ExoLens version is much bigger than the Moment Lens.  (See picture below, Top is ExoLens, and bottom is Moment Lens)

IMG_3395 2.jpg

Macro Lens Comparison

This is the 10x Macro lens from Moment Lens V2.


Moment Lens – Macro.  Made in Seattle USA.


This shot below taken with Moment Macro Lens.  Look at the vibrant green color.  And the details is much more.


Compare to the ExoLens Macro lens photo below.  I think the color is not so vibrant for ExoLens.


Look at another photo taken by Moment Macro Lens.  Look at the details… the whiskers from the plant.  Very nice.


Now you take a look at the ExoLens Macro lens.  I think we have a loser here.  The detail is not that much.  If I go nearer, the focus is not so good.


Look at the moss photo.  From Moment Macro Lens.  Look at the details and the bokeh.


This is from ExoLens Macro.  A bit disappointing.


This is the close up shot taken using Moment Macro lens.  The colour is so nice.


If I use the ExoLens Macro lens.  Disappointing again.


Last photo from Moment Macro Lens.  Again the details and the vibrant colour.  (all photos are not edited).  And you can take much closer macro shot.


Now, you look at this ExoLens Macro Lens.  It does not allow me to go too near.  And the color is not so nice.


My verdict:  The Moment V2 Macro Lens can take a much more superior Macro photo than the ExoLens Macro lens.

Wide Lens Comparison

This is my new Moment Wide Lens.  (18mm)  For some reason, there is no wording on the lens ring there.  Strange. If you compare to the Macro lens, the Wide lens as well as the Tele-Photo lens don’t have the wordings.


Let’s take my messy study room photo.


This is the photo taken using Moment V2 Wide Lens.  OK, if you compare the next photo, it seems that Moment Wide Lens can take a bit wider shot.  (I am taking this from the chair where I sit and using the same arms length to take the photo).


This is taken using ExoLens Wide Lens.  I seriously can’t tell the different in quality.


This is taken using the Moment V2 Wide Lens.


This is taken using the ExoLens Wide Lens.  Extending my arm and take.  It looks a bit different.  Now if you take a selfie like this, it seems wider.


If you zoom in the previous two photo.  This is Jay from the Moment V2 Wide Lens.

IMG_3378 2.PNG

And this Jay taken and zoom in using the ExoLens.  Seriously, I don’t see much difference here.


My verdict: I can’t tell too much difference.  The Moment V2 Wide lens is kind of equally quality compare to the ExoLens Wide Lens.

Tele-Photo Lens

This is my new Moment V2 Tele-photo lens.  60mm.


I took a zoom shot of some books across my table.  This is taken using the Moment V2 tele-photo lens.


This is taken using the ExoLens Tele-photo lens.  I dont think I can see any difference in quality.


Let’s zoom in and screen shot the photo taken by Moment V2 Tele-photo lens.


This is the zoom in screen captured from the ExoLens tele-photo lens photo.  I dont see much different.  It is equally bad under the poor lighting.  hahahaha


It comes with some carrier.  But the travel bag I bought from Moment fits in all three lens.  And I put the backside at the bottom so that they don’t get dirts onto it as there is no backside lens cap.


This is the Moment 2.0 Kickstarter campaign.

Why do you need this?

Because always remember, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or any brand of smart phone can always market their camera and claim that their smart phone camera can do a better photographs.  But in reality, they can’t.  So, you can put in the Macro, Wide and Tele-photo lens to change the view-angle photo you want to capture.  Still, they still give you a smart phone quality photo.  So, it does not mean that with these lens, you can take better photo.  🙂  Because the camera sensor of these phones are small.  So, there is only a limited things they can do compare to those mirrorless camera or DSLR.

With either Moment Lens or ExoLens, you now can take a wide angle shot or a Macro shot.  So, this usually cannot be done by the smart phone alone.  And be aware that, because there are double lens (one from your smart phone camera and the other is from the ExoLens or Moment lens), the quality of photo may degrade a little.

For me, I can carry it with me, it is portable.  So, sometimes I don’t need to bring my FujiFilm camera along and take the photographs.






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