Gadget Notes – Xiaomi Blood Pressure Monitor 2 (小米智能iHealth血压计)

Date:  Apr 1, 2017

Last Monday, my son has brought home a loaned Blood Pressure monitor equipment to take blood pressure for all the adults at home.  He took two measurement from his daddy and mommy and helper.

I am happy that the school has taught the kids 1) what is blood pressure?  2) why it is important to monitor blood pressure?  3) who’s blood pressure should be monitor constantly? and so on.

I have been taking high blood pressure medicine since I first being diagnosed with it back in year 2000.  Yup, that was 17 years ago.

And for some reasons, I do not have a blood pressure monitor at home.


Here is a video clip of him measuring my blood pressure.  Some thing must have done wrong.  hahaha  I think I did not align the monitor belt to be roughly same level with my heart.

So, I remember that Xiaomi has a blood pressure monitor called iHealth 血压计, so I quickly bought a unit from Qoo10.


I received the unit and unbox it just now.  It looks very nice and simple.  There is only two buttons on it.  One for daddy and one for mommy.  Yeap!  As simple as that.  (They actually forgot about Grandpa and Grandma?  Actually not really!  I think, they strongly believe it is the son’s and daughter’s job to take measurement for their parents.  So, in the case of Grandma, it will me my job, not the grandson’s job, LOL).


Whenever you buy something from China, please be prepared that something might not work properly.  The Xiaomi Smart Home App you download from Singapore, US or outside of China WILL NOT WORK.  It will not detect your Xiaomi iHealth blood pressure monitor.

But the good news is, the hardware can function without the App.  So, you just have to use a pen and paper to jot down the blood pressure each time you have down with it.  LOL.

For those people who still want to get every cents out of what they have purchased, then, scroll down to the bottom a bit to find the guide to install the China version of Xiaomi Smart Home App!

Let’s give it a try now.  Plug in the tube.


Again, it gives me a strange reading.

I think, I did not follow instruction, and simply place my hand on the table which is lower than my heart at level.


After 20 minutes, lets measure again, with correct posture.


As I measure again.  This time, the notifications came.


It has started to log all the blood pressure you measured.


And here is the video clip to see how it actually works.  OK, that is normal.  I actually get 118mmHg HDL and 88mmHg LDL.


I am impress with this device.  Quite cool.  Quite simple.

Press any button you get to see the indoor and outdoor temperature.

See the 10 degrees?  Yeap, that is because the App don’t use GPS but it think and trust your input that you are in Beijing.  hahaha


How to Install a China Version of Xiaomi Smart Home App (小米智能家庭App) 

So, you search for the Xiaomi Smart Home App.


Download the App.  Yes, it looks exactly like the one downloaded from Singapore App Store.  But this one is different, this one got lots of Xiaomi products.  The one you download from the Singapore App store only have less than 10 items.


Choose either Allow or Don’t Allow.


And Yes, you need a Xiaomi Account too.  For me, I just used my phone number as ID.  With the country code.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.22.43 PM.png

Here is a chance for you to select where you are.  So, make sure, you are in China.


Now, enter the Verification Code.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.24.48 PM.png

I choose Allow here.  But very interestingly, Xiaomi still choose to grab the data associate to my account instead of my GPS locations which is obviously I am in Singapore.


The first thing I noticed is my Xiaomi TV 3 box.  Very SMART.  Can find my TV media Box.


Press the small PLUS (add) button at the top right side.

And select Add Device.


And all the supported devices will pop out.  Unlike the Singapore version, it only gives you less than 10 items, here I can see almost full range of XiaoMi products.


scroll down to find and select the iHealth blood pressure monitor.


And the Smart Home App found it!!  Simply press and hold the “Mommy Measure” (right button) for 10 seconds.  Click on Ready to Connect.


This will initiate the setup WiFi on the iHealth Blood Pressure monitor and all you need is the password of your home WiFi network.


Now, you need to go to the Setup to select the WiFi Network.


Connect to the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor WiFi hotspot.


For for a few minutes.


And it is done!  You can now enjoy it.


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  1. Hi miniliew. I recently got a mi box mini but I live in the US and without knowing I’ve upgraded the mini to the latest version and I found out that I couldn’t watch any of the videos. I found your article about installing shafa. Your article was in 2015 and it is now 2017 and newer version of the mini, I wonder how is it possible or if it still works to install shafa so I can watch Chinese show/films from the mini.

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