Edusave Merit Bursary Award

Date:  Jan 8, 2017

There is this award from MOE.  If the household income does not exceed a certain amount, they get money $$ from MOE.  These are for the top 25% of their level in school.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 10.21.53 AM.png

So, if the household income exceeded the bracket, then, those students will be mailed their “Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement”.

So, Jay has been receiving this cert every year.

And every year, I think my wife will feedback to the CC about this.  Why?

Because if they already having a ceremony to present the Edusave Merit Bursary award, why can’t they present the certificate of Academic Achievement at the same venue.  To the children, it meant something and it will be encouragement.


This year, the MP listen.  And have made changes.

This year, is the first year, they also invited those top 25% students who stay in this Condo/area, and presented them the certificate if their household income exceeded the maximum brackets.


The MP in this area will be presenting the award/cert to the student.  There are 59 students who stay in Park West are entitled to get this.  In Clementi, a total of 700+ students.


This is the first time he will get the cert on the stage instead of receiving it by mail.


Excited of course.


Receiving the award from Dr. Tan Wu Meng.




Glad that he still makes it to to 25% after playing so much Pokemon.

_DSF0989 2.jpg

Congrats Jay!  Keep up the good work.  Also set good example to Kay.


The four students received their award today from Pei Tong who stays in Park West.


All the 59 secondary and primary students who received awards today.


And the photos are all printed out nicely thru Wifi.  Great job Jurong GRC/Celmenti CC!


And then, the big surprise!  $80 cheque from Clementi CCC Comm Dev and Welfare Fund.  That’s new.  So, MOE did not give the $$, but instead the CC gave the encouragement this year.  Well done!


Good to stay in a place and location where the MP listen to the residents.  🙂

I just realise that the certificate they give today is from South West CDC.  This is not from the Edusave.  Jay received his Edusave cert last month via mail.  So, it is great to know that they listen to the residents and if they cannot change the MOE systems, they come up with something that addresses the issue.  Well done!!!


Here is another funny face from Jay!




  1. Hmm.. I an staying in the east and my gal will be getting the same award on stage as well… 1st time as well cos last year also received through mail..

  2. My son can’t attend on 8 Jan 2018 for reaciving the award because he not felling well. So how is it he still get the award because on that day I call the cc toa payoh and explained to then and they say will send another letter but till now I still never reacived the letter.?

  3. Hi, I have same sentiment as you. I stay in Clementi and my boy gets the recognition every year via mail except for 2016 when we had the ceremony for prize/certificate presentation and you guess what 2017 is back to mailing of the cert.:(

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