NLB Book Bugs

Date:  Oct 9, 2016

I personally think that the Book Bugs program is an excellent program from NLB.

This program launched in Jun 11, 2016 until Dec 31, 2016.

Yeah, it launched way way before Pokemon Go (launched in July).


So, the deal is very simple.  You borrow 8 books, and get a receipt printed.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, bring that receipt to NLB and collect your Basic Book Bugs Card packet.  Each packet has 2 pieces of Basic Cards.

There are 84 types of cards and based on luck you can have a chance to collect them all.

This is a much smaller set comparing to the Pokemon cards.  Hahahahaha


So, you need to collect 84 types of bugs.  As listed below.IMG_6343 2.jpg

Shinny cards is a bit more difficult to obtain.  As you need to wait for a Book Bug related programmed happen, and attend that event and collect those.  Or you can participate in some activities to collect them.


Sometimes you can collect the mystery item too, such as the Book Bug case.  etc.


This is something I found odd.  For a laugh.

NLB is encouraging people SAY NO TO RECEIPTS.  Means, they want people to SAVE EARTH, to HELP EARTH and NOT to print out receipt.

IMG_6343 2.jpg

But… Ahem…. You can only redeem the cards using the loan receipt. hahahahaha

So, NLB, you know what’s your mistake liao, please state your position.  hahahaha

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 1.07.11 PM.png

So, I got two kids, then, need to borrow 16 books.

Wow.  Are you sure they can finish the books within 1 week?  Well, they wanted to go get new cards next week.

And I am making sure all these books are read before returned.  So, that is why all are thin thin books.


OK.  Here is our receipts.


Queue up at the booth and get the receipts stamped by the clerk there.


And you get your Book Bugs packet.  (which consists of 2x Basic Cards)


Jay has these.  Too bad, he already got those.


Kay has a slightly different one.  But one of the card is a new card that they do not have.

And both Jay and Kay has agreed they only keep a set of cards.  Sharing that set.


Thru trading, begging, reading books (really read), and sometimes buying…

So far, we have about 28 cards… Still a long way to go.


All nicely kept inside the Book Bugs case.


That’s my Book Bugs story.


Of course some students can borrow 8 books per day, and then, on Saturday or Sunday, he can go to the redeem counter 7 times to change the cards.  But this will be extreme kids lor.  Are you sure you can finish 7 books in one day?

But if parent step in to control, and provide proper guidelines, I think this Book Bugs program is indeed a very genius idea of getting kids to read books.  ya.. really read books.

It also bring up the best of the kids mind.  Trying to do the trade.  This could be their first time doing business or sort.  And it has come to my knowledge that some kids in school are trading their Pokemon cards to exchange for the Book Bugs cards.  This is kind of nice, because the Book Bugs cannot get it from any where, but to exchange the cards with your time to read the books.


Oh ya.  You can also fight using those Book Bugs card.


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