Gadget Notes – Small Seven(小七电视盒)Media Box

Date:  Apr 16, 2016

Yes, it is another TV media box.  Something I have picked up from Shenzhen Huaqiang North.  The Small Seven TV media Box.  It does exactly what the UBTV box does.  It gives you close to 1000+ channels world wide, including Singapore channels.


It is an Android box.  It is targeted at the world, including Singapore and Malaysia.  And the seller told me, there are a lot a lot of Singaporean and Malaysians come to buy this box.  This box I remember I pay RMB400 for it.


The box looks like this.  It is smaller than the UBTV box.  Looks cute.


This is their launcher app.  Feels a bit crappy.  But it does the job.  As it is an android box, just add the downloaded apps here.  World-IPTV app is the one that will allow you to watch Live TV from all over the world.


It has a App Store too.


When you go into the App Store.  It is another link to install the real App store.  Besides it has a lot of marketing app to give you info how to help distribute the box.


Feels like UBTV App store.  They recommends a lot of apps too.


If you have WiFi, you can use this to connect to the closest CDN, I think.  But it does not work (some how).  I have not figure how to get it to work yet.


And I am not so impress.  It buffers a lot.  The link is not stable.  (I meant the link to their CDN wherever it is).


The 1000+ channels.


So, I gave them another chance as I noticed there is another Network upgrade coming on Apr 16 which is yesterday.


After the upgrade (I assumed they have done and finished the upgrade) The speed still did not improve.  Changing channels is quite bad.  But it could be my home Internet  (ViewQwest) is not well peered to their CDN.

Most of the time I have this.


Now compare it with Unblock Tech’s UBTV, what is my thoughts on this Small Seven.

  1.  It is a crap media TV box.
  2. It tries to copy what UBTV does, in fact, it looks the same.  But I think the most important part is you need to put efforts in building your CDN network.  UBTV seems to have much better CDN then theirs.
  3. The changing channels are way too slow.  Almost a few seconds.
  4. The video encoding or quality is not stable, and not so HD as advertise.
  5. Some channels are fast, but some are useless, have to wait for long time to get it to work.


I have tried the box for a week, and my experience is not so good.  So, I am going to box it up and keep for a while and wait for their next upgrade.  hahahahaha Not recommend to buy!  So far, the UBTV is still a more stable box.


  1. I do not agree with you that UBTV is a more stable box. It seems that the Ubox is becoming a bigger and bigger turd each time they release an “update”. I am the victim of its latest update. The streaming signal turns black and returns to the menu page every 4-5 min. Technical Support @WhatsApp is poor and feedbacks often fall on deaf ears.

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