Growtopia – Is it for kids?

Date:  Mar 3, 2016

Note:  I am not recommending this game!

You know how I feel about children excessively addicted to iPad/iPhones games at young age.  I am not against it entirely, but I would allow it in a more controlled manner.  More controlled manner, I mean…

  • Do not view it as a tool to keep your child quiet
  • Do not let them have too much control on what they want to play
  • Must filter the games and give guidance at all time
  • Play with them together
  • Play more educations games those that exercise your brain
  • Be mindful about letting them to play multi-player games
  • When you say “Stop”, they should press the Home button, and turn off power

Just yesterday, I learned about a new game.  It was on a chat group from my son’s school.  A boy was very sad over losing all the items in his game, called Growtopia.  And there comes a point to suspect one of his best friend stolen it from this cyber game.  At first, all parents thought it is some hacking or login into other people devices without permissions, etc.

But then, when you go to the App Store and actually take a look at what sort of game the kids are playing…. It actually blow my mind off.

It looks like a Minecraft, but it is in 2D.

This game looks like Minecraft.  But it is in 2D.  And it looks like you dig and find stuffs and use the stuffs to build more cool stuffs.  Hey wait a minute… It is a Multi-player games too.  And you can get to chat with your friends.  But who are your friends?


Just read the description.

  • This is a game about collecting and protecting items while playing with actual human beings from all around the world.
  • Your items CAN and WILL be stolen if you don’t keep them safe.
  • That is part of the gameplay, and stolen items will not be restored.

It actually says it there.  CAN and WILL be stolen.

So, when you come to think about it.  It is wise to let the kids learn how to steal from others in the game?

The kid not suppose to cry if they understand the nature of this gameplay.  Be ready to get stolen.  That is why you need to learn how to protect it from being stolen.

But then, why will this game has a hidden agenda to “teach” kids to steal from others?

As I said many times, iPad/iPhone can be a learning device.  This sort of concept can easily implant into a kids mind from young.  So, we as a parent have to be very careful when we decide what games the kid should play at this age.

The rating is 12+ and I don’t know what it mean.  May be it meant not to play this game if you are younger than 12?

Of course, we also don’t want to teach the kids that we can solve all these by buying things too.  All these are very dangerous concepts for young kids to handle.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.41.50 AM.png

So, as a conclusion, when I see this descriptions, I knew immediately, this is definitely not a game for my Jay and Kay.  Yes, they already know about the existence of this game.  In fact, when I woke up this morning, I gave them a lesson about cyber gaming, and concepts of stealing in cyber gaming.  It gives me an opportunity to teach them the correct concepts.

  • I ask them do they know this game called Growtopia.
  • I told them what happen yesterday.  A boy is sad and think some one steal his items in a game.
  • I made them read aloud the Descriptions of the game.
  • I ask them what do they think?  Is stealing a good behaviour?
  • Then, I make them aware that adult sometimes can create cyber games that is not suitable for children.  and this is an example.
  • I take this opportunity to tell them possible outcome of life if they learn wrong behaviour from the game at young.

And both of them understand.  I am glad that my kids love to play those simple games, like building simulated rockets, building bridge that can works, etc.


  1. First of all,Not all people in growtopia steal.Some of them are nice.And it clearly says you can buy locks in the game.And as you saw in the description,It is part of the gameplay.And its for 12+ kids.And yeah people are saying bad words too in that game but its fun though

    • They have to know real life. Internet or real life is not paradise where everybody will be nice to you. There are scammers and etc. They have to understand that you have to work for your items, be sceptic because anybody can steal your items, use your common sense to not get scammed. You just look at growtopia at bad side but it teaches very much lessons that would be useful at real life.

  2. Every game has scammers in it where people steal each other items.. It’s common thing.. If your kids won’t use their head, then they will be scammed again and again no matter what game it is.

  3. Okay. Unlock your front door (and keep it open) and place all of your valuables near the door, then go for a walk.

    By doing that, you’re teaching other people to steal because you supposedly gave them a chance to steal.

  4. Horribly biased review, I especially loved how at the beginning you focus on ‘Can and will be stolen’ and ignore ‘IF YOU DON’T KEEP THEM SAFE’. The ‘This is part of the gameplay’ factor also is linked to ‘Collecting and protecting’ one point above said line. I also find it horribly dumb that you review a game for an age audience that isn’t even supposed to friggin’ play it, what did you expect?

    I can tell the author hasn’t bothered to even download and play the game, since there’s actually a child filter in the options that can prevent chat, broadcasts and trading so this ‘Items stolen’ crap is almost impossible to issue. Oh wait, it even says it in the description of the game!

  5. its your own kids fault that the items got stolen…
    the game is actually fun, and if you play it safe the chances loosing items are very low…

  6. Teaching children to steal, huh? Sadly, it not. By tipying a command /rules you can clearly see that developers of game are against scamming.
    My children loves that game, and i know they dont steal. (Because i have a secret account and they think that its his actual friend)

  7. Dude u think its a tool to make children quiet? My 2 Friend Have Brothers and Sisters and They Can’t Keep Their Mouth Shut For Just 1 Minute and Fk Up The Game For Them, Also You Think That The Kid Will Learn To Steal? I Would Say They Would Learn To Keep Their Valuebles Safe!

  8. ive played gt 3 years not scammed a single person, they cant get on your account unless u tell them your password and you cant get scammed if you do not drop them, you cant just drop your items on accident. the boy that got scammed must be a nub because only nub make that mistake. bruh you dont have to go to worlds with people. /facepalm /dab /no /cry /furious /ban overprotecparent7775656.

  9. I’ve played since 2013 and I was a professional scammer, I know all the tricks and I will scam you. What’s ur kids grow id, I will let him learn his lesson

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