Cook With Ken – Salt Bake Chicken 盐焗鸡

Date:  Dec 6, 2014

My wife is still in US.  So, it is me with the kids and my helper.  What shall we eat tonight.  Let’s try something new.

Let’s cook the Salt Bake Chicken…

IMG 4552

Using the Air Fryer.  i.e. Salt bake chicken using Air Fryer.

By now, most of the families will understand the benefits of using Philips Air Fryer, and hopefully you have it at home.

I guarantee it is VERY EASY TO COOK, and VERY TASTY to eat.  HaHaHaHa

(Of course, how much salt you want to put, it is based on experience.)

IMG 4529

1.  We need chicken.  A piece of chicken breast meat.  Completely thawed.

IMG 4519

2.  We need salt.  You can use all kind of salt.  I use the sea salt infused with seaweeds.  I can’t remember where do I buy this.  But the taste got seaweed taste.  🙂

IMG 4520

3.  Pinch some salt and evenly distributed on the surface of the chicken.  Both sides.

IMG 4522

4.  Use the baking paper to wrap the chicken.  YES.  That’s it.  Wrap the chicken that you just wipe some salt on the surface.  No need to marinate the chicken.

IMG 4523

5.  Wrap it up.  I also use another layer of aluminium foil paper to wrap outside.

IMG 4526

6.  That’s it.  Very simple right?  Pinch salt wipe both side of the chicken breast meat, and then wrap it up, double layers.

IMG 4527

7.  Put the whole thing into the Air Fryer.  

IMG 4528

8.  We need to heat up 2 times.  First, heat up 160 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  After it is done, remove the aluminium foil paper, and then, put the chicken (wrapped inside the baking paper) back into the Air Fryer.  Second heating, heat up 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

IMG 4529

9.  As you can see, after heating up for 2 times, about 35 minutes later.  The chicken is ready.

IMG 4532

10.  You can see the juicy side of the chicken.  The texture feels like the 白斩鸡.  The chicken oil (salty) drop onto the baking paper.

IMG 4534

11. Then, simply cut the chicken and ready to serve.

IMG 4539

12.  Wait.  We forgot something.  Dice some green onions.

IMG 4535

13.  Dice some gingers.

IMG 4542

14.  Put everything and mix it in a bowl.  Pour in cooking oil.

IMG 4545

15.  This time, I sprinkle some sea salt infused with Fleur de Rose & Rosemary.  (I bought it from a vineyard in Thailand).

IMG 4548

16.  Then, you place it in microwave under high heat for 1-2 minute.

IMG 4549

17.  This will be your sauce for the chicken.

IMG 4550

18.  Here is another look of the chicken.

IMG 4551

19.  Put some Green Onions Ginger sauce there.  Some people likes to eat pure Salt Bake Chicken.  Some people do like to eat the salt bake chicken with green onions ginger sauce.

IMG 4552

20.  The chicken taste really good.  Jay eat a lot, , my helper loves it.  Even Kay Kay also ate two big pieces. 

IMG 4553

So, when I say it is easy to cook it, I really mean it.  🙂

You can cook this for your kid when they schooling.  It is tasty because it is salty.

I will try to come up with some common way of using the Air Fryer to cook delicious meals ya!

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