Taiwan Vacation – On The Way to 义大世界 E-Da Theme Park (Day 7)

Date:  Dec 13, 2013

Good morning.  We are ready to go after our breakfast.


The next destination is at KaoSiung.  We are trying to get there early so that we have more time for the theme park.

IMG 5453

Danny stopped us here thinking we will buy some fruits snacks.

IMG 5454

And he is right.  We combined our purchase to make use of the maximum discount.  买30包送10包.

IMG 5455

And my in law went to buy a 七里香甕仔鸡.

IMG 5456

Wah… so big shop there.

IMG 5457

We are hungry.  Let’s eat 客家菜 today.

IMG 5464

Selling yet a lot of local snacks and food.

IMG 5466

So little time to shop and eat at the same time.

IMG 5467

We are eating at the restaurant upstairs on the left.

IMG 5470

OK.  Quite a cooling place to eat.

IMG 5471


IMG 5472

Tasty steam fish.

IMG 5473

We all quite hungry.

IMG 5474

The same as the next table.  Very hungry.

IMG 5475

The third table also very hungry.  

IMG 5476


IMG 5477

IMG 5479


IMG 5480

IMG 5481


IMG 5482

Fried Yam

IMG 5483

台湾藤条- 教鞭

IMG 5487

Around 1pm, we finally arrived at our next Hotel, Theme Park, Shopping Mall.  Yeap.  The hotel and shopping mall is just beside the E-Da theme park.

IMG 5506

We are staying at Crowne Plaza today.

IMG 5509

E-Da Outlet mall.  There is a bug huge ferris wheel on top of the outlet mall.

IMG 5513

All the kids WAH WAH WAH!

IMG 5515

Wow.  All these are not suitable for young kids.. Its for 140cm and above.

IMG 5518

It’s packed with people.

IMG 5524

Most of the outdoor rides required 140cm and above.  So, we went into the indoor one.


There are about 6 levels of indoor fun.  

IMG 5543

First we watch the 4D movie.  Showing us the whole Taiwan point of interest from a bird’s eye view.

IMG 5544

There are so many rides to play here at E-Da.




So, you must cycle to make the glider fly.


This is fun!

Swing around.

IMG 5553

Car Car.


Wow.  They love this hand peddled boat.  Jay Jay just meet the requirement < 40KG.  Wahahaha.


Wow.  Every one trying to learn how to peddle with two hands.


Luckily Jay Jay can sit.


All the kids playing with their classmates.

IMG 5555

Looks very fun!

More rides.

IMG 5567

OK.  Next, all the kids go to the top roof top floor.

IMG 5014

It’s roller coaster time.


So happy.  Later then they know.


The roller coaster not only go forward, it goes back ward, as the cart itself can spin while moving.


Thrill ride.  It spins…

They love it.


Team #3.


Rusdi pulling his hair.


They keep going again and again.  Wahahha.

IMG 5578

Younger kids have to sit this.


Older kids also want to sit.


The kids had a lot of fun here.


Swing and fly into the sky.

IMG 4984

Fly Fly Fly…

IMG 4999

Back to indoor.

IMG 5582

Dark dark indoor roller coaster ride.

IMG 5584

This should be the last game as we need to check in hotel.  Before this, Jay went to sit Pirate Ship/Viking Ship.

IMG 5587

Let’s dry them up.

IMG 5589

The ferris wheel opposite our hotel.

IMG 5600

Many colours.

IMG 5603IMG 5601

Too bad, we choose to eat long long, so, no time to site ferris wheel.

IMG 5602IMG 5604

Finally we are in the hotel.  Our room can see the ferris wheel.


All kids are washed up.

IMG 5612

All luggages are gathered at the lobby.  So that our tour guides can place the luggage (not in use) onto the van.  As three luggage vans going to go to Tao Yuan airport 6AM tomorrow, while all of us are taking the bullet train.

IMG 5616

Let’s choose the restaurant.

IMG 5611

Let’s have dinner.

IMG 5635

Let’s open a wine to celebrate.

IMG 5632

Eh…. Ebi (the girl in pink on the right top corner) has arrived from Tai Chung.  She delivered all our bullet train tickets to us.

She is one of the tour guides person who can speak English well.  So, if you cannot speak Chinese and you need a translator, you can ask for Ebi next time.

IMG 5639

Actually we have to thanks all of them for making our trip so successful!  

Not easy for an amateur to bring 12 kids along with 20 adults to Taiwan.  Wahahaha.

But I am glad that every one loves the trip so far.

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