Taiwan Vacation – 少年Pi @ 白砂湾 (Day 6)

Date:  Dec 12, 2013

I don’t know where we were going. 

Danny says it is Li An’s “少年Pi” movie shooting location.

So, I went to google search this.  The next destination we are going is where Pi and the tiger’s boat stop at the beach shore there.  In the movie, it is Mexico, but the real scene is shoot at Taiwan.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/-bM0DT-FlnY

Welcome to 白砂湾!


Immediately this place become an sensation.


A lot of drinking stalls here.

IMG 5314

The cloudy sky gives a different beauty of the sea.


And the kids love it!


Water is not too cold.  It’s fun!


I like to dig the sand.


The Salam’s family, wear swimming cloths already!


The wave!


After the wave gone, yup, your legs is covered by sand.  Cool!


I love the sea!

IMG 5308

Very nice feeling when the cold sea swept thru your legs.

IMG 4778

Hey kid.  Where is your surf board?

IMG 4782

Run run… keep running.

IMG 4797

Run Run run!

IMG 4800

All wet!

IMG 4811


IMG 4814


IMG 4817

So comic!

IMG 4836


IMG 4839

Fly… Wait a minute… Which super hero are you again?

IMG 4848

Salam Dunk!

IMG 4852

Superman Jump!

IMG 4856

Perhaps one of the best shot of the trip.  Superman take off.

IMG 4867

Superman side kick.  This seems to be one of the main activity when we reach any good location to shoot these series of flying photos.

IMG 4870

Mean while, the kids still endlessly playing the water.

IMG 4876

Jay says “Super Good!”

IMG 4883


IMG 4890

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