Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 普悠玛原始部落风味美食 Puyuma (Day 4)

Date:  Dec 10, 2013

Day 4, we went to another native restaurant.  This time, it is 张惠妹卑南乡 restaurant.  Actually her house is not far from where we eating today.

IMG 4937

As usual, a very native look from the outside.

IMG 4939

A very tall tower overlooking the restaurant. Of course cannot climb up.

IMG 4938

Wow, the chef is cooking the BBQ wild boar.

IMG 4897

The sitting looks ok.

IMG 4900

And the next thing you know, the kids has found a new thing to play at the centre of the restaurant.

IMG 4908

They just swinging around like Tarzan.

Each of them take turns to swing,  Looks quite fun lor.

The BBQ wild boar is quite tasty, quite nice.  But not so fat.  How can it be a wild boar meat?

IMG 4904

The soup is super nice.  I drink don’t know how many bowl.  Until they add “water” in it when we ask them to 加汤.

IMG 4906

The BBQ chicken is soft inside, and crispy outside.  Quite nice.

IMG 4927

This is some sort of skin.

IMG 4928

I love this veggie.  And when they add mayo on it.  It is very nice.

IMG 4929

The BBQ chicken.

IMG 4930

Veggies.  This is the Pinang Tree flower.

IMG 4931

More veggies.

IMG 4932

Local Fish.  This is a bit like I-shan grill salt fish like that.  Nice also.

IMG 4933

Surprise.  Only some of the seat has this cuo cuo bird.  Wahahahahha  Brayden so happy when he sits on one.

IMG 4934

We had a great time again here at this restaurant.

IMG 4947

Table #2

IMG 4948

Table #3.

IMG 4949

We are staying at this cool Onsen hotel which is like a chalet and each room or each house comes with its own onsen pool.

IMG 4862

So, this is round #2 onsen dip for Jay, and first time for me.  I tell ya.. when I dip myself into the carbonic salt hot spring onsen, my whole body felt an instant relief.

IMG 4946

After that, the parents chit chat outside the room, and the kids started their home visit again, and playing Monopoly Deal.

IMG 4952

We specially request Danny to bring us to the onsen hotel earlier.  By skipping one or two point of interest.

And the next day, we also request Danny and team to start our Journey to Kenting around noon.  As we all wanted to enjoy the Onsen Pool tomorrow.

Earlier on the way to this hotel, we screw up the booking, and I am glad the resourceful Danny managed to fix it, by booking all room to come with private onsen pool. 

The old folks spend don’t know how many times soaking their feet, their body inside.

The parents also spent don’t know how many times to “settle down” in it.

And the kids really enjoys it.

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