Cook with Ken – 三蛋苋菜 3 Eggs Spinach

Date:Dec 18, 2013

OK, someone request me to teach him how to cook this dish.  Actually this is quite simple.


1.  4-5 cloves of garlic.  Use the flat knife face to flatten it, by smashing it down.

IMG 5982

2.  2x century eggs.  Use Taiwanese 松花皮蛋 if possible.  Cut it into cubes.

IMG 5983

3.  2x salty eggs.  I used the one already cooked.  Better.  Cut it into cubes too.

IMG 5989

Just like this.

IMG 5991

4.  1x raw egg.  No need to batter or mix.  


5.  1x Swanson Clear Chicken Broth.

IMG 5988

6. Spinach.  Take only the leaves.

IMG 5987

Cooking Instructions

A.  Use a small pot, open the Swanson Chicken Broth, and boil the Chicken soup/broth in the pot.

B.  Once boiled, put in the century eggs, and the salty eggs.  Slowly bring the soup plus century/salty eggs to boil.

C.  Use another wok, heat it up.

D.  Once wok is heated up, put in cooking oil.  Because spinach is not going to absorb too much the oil, so, you can put more cooking oil here.  So, May be put 3-5 spoonful of oil.

E.  Once the oil is heat up, throw in the garlic, stir fry a bit.

F.  Immediately, throw in all the spinach to stir fry it.

G. [Back to the small pot] The soup has already been heated up, so, now, slowly you add the raw egg in.  Really slowly and spread out, use a chop stick to stir it.  TURN OFF the fire immediately.  Let the remaining heat to cook the egg.  

H.  Once the spinach is done stir frying.  Then, you turn off the fire, and place the spinach into a bowl.

I.  Then, you put the soup with 3 eggs on top of the spinach.

IMG 5995

Let me show you more veggies underneath.  Remember, because the salty egg may be already quite salty, so, you need not to put in any salt.

IMG 5996

That’s it!

Today, my domestic helper learned two great dish that I like.

The other one is 

IMG 5994

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