Taiwan Vacation 吃 – 梅子鸡 at 月卢 (Day 3)

Date: Dec 9, 2013

Yesterday, we have a beer night, the food is so so.  That is where we taste the 台湾快炒.

So, today, I do not put much hope when Danny says we going up to eat some 梅子鸡.

So, I thought it is another chicken place.  That is why I went to eat some 活跳虾 for snacks.  Wahahaha.

I was a bit full and I told Danny, may be just order enough food, not full 10-11 course meals…

But.. I was wrong…

When Danny brought us here… I immediately fall in love with this place.


IMG 4428

Let’s go in!

IMG 4429

It’s on a hill.  So, you can overlook the hualian city.  Some lights only.

IMG 4432

But the decorations of the place is superb.

IMG 4430

Nice way of cooking tea.  Its very hot.  Beware.

IMG 4433

Every thing cook here has some chinese plums 梅子 in it.

IMG 4435


IMG 4465

The interior of the restaurant.  They build the restaurant just beside the hill.

IMG 4463

The wooden furniture blends into the modern restaurant designs.  We taken three tables.  And we can see the outside.

IMG 4438

When you travel, it is all about eating.

So, what are we eating tonight?

IMG 4443

And how do we eat this?  

IMG 4450

Let our private tour guides leader – Mr. Danny to show you how!

Within 1 minute or so… He finished tearing the chicken apart.

IMG 4454

Suddenly my appetite of the day came back.   I love almost all the dishes here.

IMG 4458

The soup is nice too.

IMG 4459


IMG 4460

Every one have lots of fun and eat a lot.  The tour guides table got a special dish that we do not have which is the 苍蝇头, it is extremely nice.  It is a cheap dish, and we love it a lot.

IMG 4462

Very good restaurant.  Strong recommendations.

IMG 4462

Because of good food and appetite.  So, when we get back to the hotel, we rented the bicycle to do some exercise.

We ride to 7-Eleven and bought all these.

IMG 4473

We are going to have beer party tonight with the mommies…

IMG 4474


IMG 4451

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