Taiwan Vacation – Taroko National Park 太鲁阁 (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

After a heavy lunch, let’s do some walking and hiking.

First trail we going to walk is this Shakadang Trail.

IMG 3973

In Taiwan, you can take any rock from the point of interest, is illegal.  Of course, you cannot leave anything behind too.

IMG 3974

This is the trail we are going to walk.  So, let’s walk about 1 hour like that.

IMG 3971

Some history facts about Shakadang River Valley.

IMG 3968

My two happy kids.  Always keep smiling.

IMG 3962

The whole journey is about 1.5 hour.


It is actually quite a boring walk.  This trail is designed for adult.  Not for kids.  Wahahahaha

IMG 3975

Of course, we cannot design a tour that is purely kids activities, right?  So, must have adults activities.


This is as far as we can go before the rain drops.


We actually walked 1KM in 30 minutes.  Not too bad la.

Then, the rain drops.  So, we end up soaking wet when we go back to the van.


Then, suddenly the sun comes out again.

So, we reached another trail.  燕子口.

IMG 3985

Every one have to wear safety helmet this time.

IMG 3988

So, this is probably the first time the kids have to wear this.  So, they knock each other helmets.


It looks like every one has their helmet on, so, let’s move!

IMG 3990

Let’s walk the 燕子口 trail.  Along the way, you will see a lot of rocks.  All kinds of rocks.  Under the surface of the rock, you may find jade, ruby or some nice jewels.


We have to be careful as the bus also uses the same trail to get to the other side.  So, we have to walk within the red line.


We have walk into the cave.


And the scenery is just breathe taking.


All those rocks may be precious rocks.


Jay & Isabelle.


That is why there are law governed that nobody should remove any rock from these places.


There is a lot of tunnel walk ways.


Look scary.  But it is actually safe.

IMG 4000

So, all 6 of our vans drive slowly to the front and wait for us to come onboard.

We then, move on to our next destination.

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