Taiwan 民宿 – 台湾光复糖厂日式民宿 (Day 2 & 3)

Date: Dec 8, 2013

Night fall.

We arrived at our second & third night accommodation.

It’s a Japanese style chalet at 光复糖厂.

First thing to check out is their bath room.

Wow, a bathing bucket.

Fill in the water, later can soak our body into warm water bath.

The shampoo and body soap. The water pressure is very good.

They even have a stool and a small bucket too.

The tooth brush, shaver, and comb.

This is the size of the room. Tatami style.

Blackest, pillow and comforter.

The living room TV.

The entrance.

Water supply. Fridge.

Living room.

One good thing of having 6 families staying in these chalet is the kids can do house visits.

See what I mean?

Each chalet comes with a parking lot.

Ok, it’s time for a hot bath!

The water tap need to turn on about 3-5min if it is first use, the hot water have to come from the tank, quite a distance.

The kids are enjoying themselves!

The bed and comforter are all prepare. Of course prepare ourselves. We add one more bed so it goes into the living room. All doors can be closed. So when I do my work and watch TV, the lights will not affect my kids.

This is where we stay. Room 3302.

Early in the morning, you can walk on the street. You can see the view is quite nice at 花莲.

The kids will love this.

Wow, they rent out bicycles here. Many type of bicycles.

A small Chinese garden. And look at the sky.

Cross over the bridge. Still amazed by the blue blue sky.

Kids wake up and start their round of house visits again. Wakey wakey.

It is very safe for kids to play here.

The mommies all wear the yukata bath robes.

And the kids? Playing monopoly deal.

It’s time to cycle and explore.

We found an old train.

Oh this is movable. Come quick!

There is another old train.

See… The train chasing me!

Ok more kids come and push and pull.

A lot more kids came.

It’s time to go, better take some more photos.

Yeah! One of the best stay in Taiwan. I got a feeling that I will be coming back again.

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