Taiwan 住 – 东游季温泉度假村 Onsen Hotel (Day 4)

Date: Dec 10, 2013

The weather suddenly turned cold.

So, staying in an onsen hotel will be a perfect choice.

Kay, there is a reason why the bag has a name tag under your name.

Keep moving. I think the kids will love this place. Because they can play outdoor, visit home by home too.

That is our unit.

We rented 9 units of the room that comes with private onsen pool here! The kids at night and in the morning will do house visit. Parents sitting outside drink beer and eat Ang Moh liulian.

Let’s go in and take a look.

Wah! All our mouth open big big.

Two big beds.


Toilet is huge!

The private onsen pool with outdoor view. Can open the curtains and door which is just beside.

The washing basin.

The shower area.

The back outdoor balcony where you can open the door enjoy the cold air coming in.

Let’s full up the water.

Yeah! The kids get to soak first. It’s carbonic acid onsen. No smell no taste.

Quite fun!

It’s my turn.

Early morning sit outside and enjoy the cold warm air.

The kids soak again.

The breakfast is excellent. One if the best 卤肉饭.

Kay ate a lot.

The warm onsen water pool.

Kids love it!

There is a place to cook onsen egg too.

Now soak in the public hot onsen pool.

At 10am, the outdoor big onsen pool open. Let’s go!

Parents who don’t swim, soak their feet.

The kids have lots of fun!

Water jet massage.

Steam room. First time for the kids. It’s hot!

Toast room for the kids.

After that. It’s time to move. We changed our itinerary to check out 11:30am instead of 10am to spent more time here.

Kay… Move the luggage please!

Let’s move out.

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