Kay Swimming – 打铁成热

Date:  Sep 30, 2013

Just a day ago, you can tell how torturing swimming is to Kay Kay…


After we fix the fear, drive away the fear at the end of the lesson …

打铁成热 (Hitting or shaping the iron must wait until it is still hot)…

So, we bring Kay Kay down again and jump into the water the more relaxing way.


You can see that he seems not afraid of water any more (95% of the time).

When Shawn brought Aiden and Cheryl down for a walk, Kay Kay swim even with confident.

You can see that how fun he likes once he learned that there is no immediate danger in swimming.  And it is fun kicking the water.

He also learn how to do bicycle kick.

Jay Jay also showing off his diving skill he just learned from class.

We mad Kay do some Bicycle kick, and then we want him to do dive in the water for 1-2 seconds.  Very reluctantly, he did it, and he is super not happy after that.  But still he loves the water.

I think, this week, we going to bring him down more often so that he can sense that swimming is very fun, and he will enjoy the swimming lesson every Saturday.

Good Job Kay Kay!  Daddy & mommy is proud of you.

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