Cook with Ken: 不一样的“炒”猪脚米粉 Fried Bee Hoon with iCook

Date:Aug 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Lukas’ family brought some KFC over to watch National Day Parade on TV.

So, I decided to “fried” the bee hoon again.  I fried it just a day before for dinner.  🙂

IMG 5732

The word “fried” is double quoted.  The word “抄” is also double quoted.  WHY?

You will find out soon.

1.  You need pork belly.

IMG 5701

2.  Cut the pork belly into slices.  No need to marinate.  Use it as it is.  If the pork is fresh, it will gives you the 鲜甜 taste.

IMG 5707

3.  Use Onions.  I used Japanese big Onion.  You can use White Onion too.  Both onions will give you sweet taste.  Take note, I don’t use garlic here.  Of course, you are welcome to use it.

IMG 5702

4.  Dice the Onions.  The more the better.  It not only gives you sweet taste, but the crunchy feeling too.

IMG 5708

5.  OK.  I lied.  There is no Pork Leg (猪脚).  I used the 红烧猪肉 instead.  The key is to get that Oil into the bee hoon.  Use two cans if you can and you wish.  Today, I am just going to use one can.  The more you use, the more oily look you get.

IMG 5704

6.  Selecting the Bee Hoon is very important.  I used 太山米粉.  I used a lot of others, some of them quite hard, some of them too soft.  I felt that this 太山米粉 is the best.

IMG 5706

7.  Soak the bee hoon with water for 10-20 minutes.

IMG 5705

8.  The Cabbage.  I used Organic cabbage that gives you stronger taste and sweetness.

IMG 5709

9.  OK.  As soon as you have done with soaking the bee hoon.  You can start the “cooking” process.

All of you know I love my iCook so much since the first 盆菜 I made.  Ever since, I used it.  And I lied again, the bee hoon is not fried.  It is 闷米粉.

The iCook vita lock and vapour seal technology will keep your veggies and sauce inside the wok itself.


10.  So, happy cooking, I actually forgot to take the photo.  hahaha

OK.  Prepare the wok (do not heat the wok).

Pour some sesame oil in it.  

Use a kitchen paper towel to spread the sesame oil throughout the whole wok.

First layer should be the onions.  Spread the Onions on the wok.

IMG 5710

11.  Second layer, should be the pork belly.  You want to put the pork belly there to cook it faster.  

IMG 5711

12.  Notice that I also put in a lot of these nice and sweet Japanese small scallops.  If you don’t have it, no need to put it.

IMG 5565

13.  Cover it next in third layer with your cabbage.

IMG 5713

14.  Then, place the bee hoon you just soaked onto the cabbage at the 4th layer.

IMG 5714

15.  Now, the sinful stuff.  Pour the oily 红烧猪肉 onto your bee hoon.  I think use 2 cans better.  For those who loves 红烧猪脚, you can use it as well.  For healthy reason, and since we got guests, so, cook a bit healthy lor.

IMG 5716

16.  Use 2 cans also gives you more oily meat.  haha collagen.

IMG 5718

17.  Add some Dark Soya Bean Sauce / Dark Thick Soya Sauce.

IMG 5719

18.  Add this much.

IMG 5720

19.  This is important.  Add in 2 (small) packs of Swanson Chicken Broth. 

IMG 5703

20.  If you cooked your own chicken 高汤, of course is better.  For a lazy cook like me, use this is enough.  hahaha  2 packets.

IMG 5721

21.  Almost forgot, add one or two rounds of light soya sauce.

IMG 5723

22.  Cut a few green onion leaves for more veggie taste.

IMG 5725

23.  Lastly.  Put in some Abalone sauce if you like.

IMG 5727

24.  Not pour in like that.  Mix it with a little bit of water.

IMG 5728

25.  OK Done!.  Cover it with iCook cover.

26.  Turn on Medium fire.

IMG 5731

27.  It is technology.  What it is doing, is distributing the heat evenly thruout the wok.


28.  Some how, the iCook wok will know when all the ingredient is fully cook, so, it will create a “vitalok” and vapour seal it.  So, when it is cooked, you simply turn the cover.  If it can turn smoothly and non-stop spinning, that means the food is cook.


29.  So, when it is cooked (15-20 minutes later, when you can spin the cover over the vapour seal), you open the cover, stir your bee hoon so that the color of the bee hoon looks the same after stirring it.

30.  Then, cover it, and turn to small fire further cook for 5-10 minutes.

31.  Then, turn off fire.  Let it steam inside for another 5-10 minutes.

32.  So, when you open the cover, you will see this.  Notice that there are still quite some sauces below.  Done!

IMG 5732

Compare to yesterday, the taste is exactly similar.  Color may be different because of I put more dark soya sauce today.

IMG 5619

The bee hoon is very tasty.  hahaha

That is why it is not fried bee hoon, but it taste like fried one.  And it does not dirty your kitchen.  And you have plenty of time talking in the living room while your bee hoon is cooking inside the kitchen.

Even my younger son agrees with it.  He usually don’t eat a lot of food.  hahaha

IMG 5630


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